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One of the most common fitness exercise that most people take for granted is ‘running’.
Whether it’d be a slight jog or an actual run, the benefits of the exercise should not be underemphasized.

Running boosts the immune system, helps in weight loss, stabilises blood
pressure, physical strength, bone density and is of great help to the general mental health of a person.

However, it is also not unusual for running to get tiring, beginners are
often discouraged when they barely begin and sometimes, this is as a result of
not knowing what they should do to make running enjoyable.


Have you tried making running your routine but gave up because it was tiring and exerting? This articles purpose is to prove it is not too late for you to try again, as the exercise can be done easier through the following ways:


1. GET ENOUGH SLEEP – A well rested body generally performs better.
When you sleep, your body automatically goes into an Intensive repair mode, fixing all the hitches and preparing you for the next day.
Research shows that lack of sleep can cause fatigue, and pain in some cases.


2. GET A RHYTHM – Music is a morale booster while running.
Find what you’re comfortable listening to and put on your earbuds or headphones.
It is also possible that you might just zone out and focus entirely on the music, this could distract you
temporarily from the stretch you body is undergoing.


3. START SLOW – As a beginner, your body is obviously not
used to an immediate run, this could make you tired or gas out faster than you should.
Begin with a slow jog to wake your system up, then gradually increase your running pace.


4. TAKE DEEP BREATHS – Breathing from your upper chest will get you panting in no time so try belly breathing.
You can accomplish this by practicing to expand your belly while inhaling and contracting it as you exhale.
Your enlarging belly should be able to lift your hand steadily as you breathe,
this pushes air down to the lower part of the lungs. It is required that you
practice this two to three times a day while laying down or sitting up, as it is no easy feat.
Also ensure your chest and shoulders don’t rise as you breathe,
that will mean you are still chest breathing.

Try belly breathing when running until you eventually get used to it.


5. TAKE SHORT REJUVENATING BREAKS – it is normal to be out of breath while running, especially if one is still a beginner.
Sharp pain and other forms of discomfort are also to be expected.
Do not hesitate to slow down to a steady walk when you experience any of the
above, you can pick up the pace again when you feel better.

After a run, the body might experience more joint and muscle pains,
but this will only last for a while as you remain consistent and gradually your system will adjust.

But if the pain persists, it is advised that you get it checked out.


6. WATCH YOUR DIET – Everyone runs for a desired result, seeing these results encourages one to push further.
However, the kind of food usually taken in can jeopardize this progress.
Ensure that what you’re eating supports the exercise in building your body.


Finally, consistency yields baffling results.
Everything looks hard at first, the best way to make it easier is to not make it look like work.

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