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A purposeful Relationship – Jes



Meaningful and productive relationships are selfless, and not always about what we can get or benefit.

In most cases, a quality relationship requires that we invest and sacrifice more for the sake of the people that we truly love and care for, and it must be vice versa.


A relationship is not a business venture where the ultimate focus is profit maximization.

Even in business, there are times that 2+2 won’t equal 4.

That is why there are columns for profits and losses in accounting management.


It is wrong to always focus on what we can gain or benefit from relationships without having regard for what we can give or contribute.

Having consideration for others’ interests should not be compromised in any meaningful and productive relationship.


Any relationship that is characterized by incessant requests or constant demands from one party at the expense of the other party is unhealthy and unproductive.

A healthy and productive relationship, it’s a win-win game for both partners.



Take time to evaluate your relationships – marriage, courtship, friendship, business or relatives, etc, to find out if they offer value.



No vacuum in relationships.

Any relationship that is not adding value to you is taking value away from you.

The same goes with whatever relationship that is not helping you move forward, find out, is surely drawing you backward.

Written by Jes

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