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1. Do you remember that when the son of God came out from hades, God announced from heaven to all living creatures and to all spirit, The name of Jesus henceforth is above every name.
2. We could only be justified by the blood. We do not have any positive righteousness in ourselves. We become righteous only because of the righteousness which we receive through redemption.
3. The worshipping of idols is the greatest sin.
4. The throne is the place where God exercise authority and the temple is the place where God dwells.
5. Satan recognize only one person the lord Jesus.
6. The starting point of spiritual warfare is standing upon the victory of Christ, it is seeing that Christ has already over come.
7. The reason the body of Christ cannot be built is because we merely have something outward, not something inward. The whole basis of the Christian faith depends upon the lord’s speaking. The growth of the church also depends upon the word which the lord speaks.
8. True worship is in spirit and truthfulness
9. But we must remember that knowledge can never produce fruit, only revelation is fruitful.
9. But we must remember that knowledge can never produce fruit, only revelation is fruitful.
10. The lord can do in us in one day what we think would take a thousand years (Read 2 Peter 3:8)
11. Discipline can change behaviour, and they can be profitable but only Christ can change hearts
12. Intimacy with God should be our highest goal. This is the Father’s own desire for us.
13. If you deny a man good, he will gobble poison”
14. True faith rises from the heart not just the head
15. We can over come Satan by (I) The lord of the lamb (II) The word of their testimony (III) Loving not from their lives even to dead.
16. Repentance is not just turning away from the sun, but It is turning towards the lord.
17. Our primary quest Is to know the lord and his ways.
18. Sin almost always begin with looking. Then if we look long enough, it will be turned into Lust. ” Then when lust has conceived, it gives birth to sin and when sin is accomplished, it brings forth death”. Son resisting sin begins with controlling our eyes.
19. The seven basic doctrine of Christianity:-
a. Teaching about Christ
b. Repentance
c. Faith towards God
d. Instructions about washing
e. Laying on of hands
f. The resurrection of the dead.
g. Eternal judgement




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