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Time seems to be the one thing mankind is still struggling to control. Getting things done on time is harder than undoing them, because several factors are involved it is impossible to ignore every other thing to do just one.

Nonetheless, managing our lives is easier when we learn to manage time, to achieve this, you should:

1. MAKE EVERYTHING A PRIORITY – funny as it sounds, some people are always late simply because
they forget what they ‘should’ be doing at a point in time, and by the time they remember,
it is already too late. Usually people forget things they do not consider important, so the
first step to being ‘on time’ is considering everything as important.
If every item on your schedule is a priority, you wouldn’t forget to be on time.

2. SET DEADLINES AND STICK TO THEM – a timeframe for completing a task can be quite helpful.
In fact, if you know exactly how long it’ll take to get it done, then subtract a little more from that, it’s
better to be 10minutes early than late. Try to imagine consequences that are likely to follow tardiness,
and do your best to avoid them.

3. USE THE CLOCK TO BEAT THE TIME – an alarm clock can help you keep track of time so set
lots of alarms and keep them on repeat until you eventually get used to not being a minute late.
As a plus, reminders could also come in handy. If you find it hard to obey alarm clocks then
maybe you should be with someone who could help push you.

4. NO PROCRASTINATION – do not put off anything until later. There’s no better time to do
what you should than NOW. Sometimes routines tend to get interrupted by seemingly
‘more pleasurable things’ but do not postpone that assignment because you’re watching a movie and try not to think you’ve got more time.
Every activity carried out as soon as it is planned, should give you more free time after. ALWAYS DO “STRESSFUL” BEFORE “ENJOYABLE”.

5. CONCEIVE, BELIEVE, THEN ACHIEVE – conceptions are powerful, especially the ones we have about ourselves.
When the mind is convinced that it cannot be on time, it gives up on trying.
Tell yourself that it is not so hard, and enjoy being surprised. “see” it, then “be” it.

Self satisfaction, self fulfilment, success, progress, transformation, and any kind of achievement is made possible or hindered by the quality of time management.
Be determined to keep to time or redeem it.

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