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1. Chimpanzees

As much as chimpanzees enjoy playing in the water, chimpanzees have a very large muscle mass and also lack body fat; they therefore cannot swim.


2. Gorillas

Gorillas also enjoy playing in the water, but cannot swim. They avoid large bodies of water like rivers, and seas, because of their inability to swim and fear of drowning. Swimming is not something natural for gorillas, they would have to go through the process of learning how to swim if at all they want to swim.


3. Giraffes

The long necks and long legs of giraffes would not provide them the required energy needed to support their necks when in water. This makes giraffes very poor swimmers. So just like many other mammals on Earth, giraffes can float on water, but cannot swim.

4. Tortoises

Some species of tortoises are indeed poor swimmers, but generally speaking, tortoises cannot swim. They can float and drift, but not swim. If left in the water for a long time, tortoises will drown because they cannot hold their breath underwater for more than a few minutes. You can find them playing in the shallow waters and even inside puddles, but do not be deceived, these animals cannot swim. They are poor swimmers and that is why they maintain their terrestrial habitat.

5. Hippopotamuses

Hippopotamuses live in water, love to saturate their skin in water to keep it cool and moist, can sleep in the water, can walk underwater, and can even hold their breath underwater for up to 5 minutes, but surprisingly, cannot swim.

This is so because they do not have natural grills and have big sizes, weighing up to 3,300 lb

– 1500kg! Although they enjoy resting in cool water and even spend up to 16 hours per day in the

water, hippopotamuses do not have the ability to swim.


6. English bulldogs

Based on their physical body build-up, English bulldogs cannot swim. Their short legs, flat faces, and barrel-shaped bodies are what count for bulldogs’ inability to swim.

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