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In our day to day activities, we use and hear different slangs and acronyms. Truth be told, not many of us know the actual meaning of those slangs or acronyms. To pass the right message, it is best you use words, acronyms and slangs in their right context to denote their right meaning.

Now, we are going to look at some popular slangs and acronyms and what they mean.


  • Cap: To lie.
  • “I’m not capping” – ‘I’m not lying’


  • On fleek: To look good.
  • “Babe you’re on fleek!” – ‘Babe you’re looking good!’


  • Lit: Cool, exciting.
  • “This is lit!” – ‘This is cool!’


  • Sick: Amazing.
  • “This sound is sick” – ‘This sound is amazing ‘.


  • Dope: Awesome, cool
  • “Your phone case is dope” – ‘Your phone case is awesome’.


  • GOAT: Greatest Of All Time
  • “I’m the GOAT” – ‘I’m the greatest of all time’


  • OMG: Oh my God, oh my gosh
  • “OMG! She’s getting married” – ‘Oh my God, she’s getting married’


  • Fr: For real, serious.
  • “Are you fr fr?” – ‘Are you for real?’


  • MIA: Missing in action, not been around.
  • “He has been MIA” – ‘He has been missing in action’


  • Aza: Bank, bank account details
  • “Send your Aza” – ‘Send your account details’




  • POS – Point of Sale
  • FOMO – Fear of Missing Out
  • PDF – Portable Document Format
  • ROFL – Rolling on (the) floor laughing
  • LOL – Laugh out loud
  • BRB – Be right back
  • ASAP – As soon as possible
  • BTW – By the way
  • SMH – Shaking my head
  • AU – African Union
  • ASUU – Academic Staff Union of Universities
  • FCT – Federal Capital Territory
  • EFCC – Economic and Financial Crimes Commission
  • NEPA – National Electric Power Authority
  • PHCN – Power Holding Company of Nigeri
  • ATM – Automated Teller Machine.

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