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Choices. Choices. Choices. We make them everyday. Every minute of your life, you have a choice to make. The result of the choice you make, good or bad will still be borne by you. Most times you alone, other times, the people close to you. It is man’s fate to make decisions everyday. Minor or major, good or bad, urgent or non urgent.


The most important reason we take time to think and do whatever we do before we make decisions is because of the aftermath of it. We want to be sure whatever the outcome is, it favours us. That way, we feel good, we receive praises and we are honoured. If it unfortunately turns out against us, we feel bad, and immediately seek whom to shift the blame to.


Humans do not like to acknowledge they are the reasons for their mistakes. We are best in shifting blame; and this is exactly what irresponsibility is.


When you do not own up to what you did, regardless of the outcome, you are simply irresponsible. Blaming someone else for the decision and action you took is only the height of irresponsibility. Yes, people can be influenced, but even in that process of being influenced, you still have a choice to make.


It is provocating and derogatory to portray yourself as just a pawn in someone else’s game. It is more reasonable to claim responsibility for your actions, than play victim and blame someone else.


When you take responsibility for your action, it is easier to make amends if it turns out wrong. If otherwise you decide to blame someone else, automatically you would also expect the person (s) to make the corrections; now what if the person does not?


Be it good or bad, make up your mind to blame no one but YOU for the result(s) of your choices today. Be responsible!

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