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Gaining or having weight was formerly considered desirable,
based on the belief that it indicated wealth. But that ideology is fast changing,
and so last season.

Whether or not it can be fashionable, health wise, being fat has its setbacks.
Obesity is a condition of excessive accumulation of body fat.

A person who weighs 20% more than his ideal weight is considered obese.
Obesity is usually caused by over eating and lack of exercise,
but hormonal/glandular disorders could also be another cause.

Some of the complications of obesity are listed below:

• Arthritis-Joint problems

• Bronchitis-difficulty in breathing. This makes the individual prone to heart diseases.

• Skin Infection-caused by the moisture accumulated in skin folds.

• High Blood Pressure

• Gall stones

• Diabetes

• Accident prone…etc

Not to mention the unshapely appearance.

Depression almost always sets in when a person is overweight and can’t seem to get rid of some of it,
but there is no cause for worry. It is very possible to loose weight
the healthy way, and the results are amazing!

For starters, excessive intake of energy giving foods usually contributes to being overweight, so you might want to take the energy down a notch, about 50% should be correct.

Also make sure that your meal is always balanced.

Restrict foods with high calories. Some examples are; oily fish,
biscuits, cakes, pastries, fried food chips,
meat(especially beef and pork), sweets, frizzy drinks, etcetera.

Milk, yam, cassava, pineapple, margarine, nuts, beans, bread, rice,
potatoes, semovita, cooking oil and banana, should also be taken on limited amounts.

However, you can freely consume white fish, lean meat, poultry, skimmed milk,
whole cereal, citrus fruits, green vegetables, poultry, sweeteners(instead of sugar)

Note that watching the food you eat can be quite stressful and frustrating,
so it’s best that your new diet fits in with the family eating pattern, for encouragement.

Alcohol should also be avoided if you really want to loose weight.

Exercise as often as possible to burn body fat too. You could start with light jogs,
push-ups, jumping jacks, yoga and sit-ups, before further proceeding to getting a gym instructor.

Loosing weight can be harder than gaining it, but with a little determination it just happens like magic.

– Adeku Jemimah

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