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Writing, like most people think, is not made possible by just the identification of an idea or the acceptance of a tug. A lot more has to be considered when one picks up a pen and decides to express him or herself with written words, and not understanding this has made many aspiring writers give up, leaving them depressed and uninterested.

We shall be looking at a few tips on creative writing, that is sure to help beginners find their way through this frustrating maze.

1. READ: reading widens your prospect and perspective. Little knowledge from various books, articles, texts, news, etc, and the skill of writers better than yourself can be a big plus. Read extensively, and while you’re at it, let your mind be open. Find a comfortable position, a suitable location and a convenient environment. Don’t forget to take notes while reading, jot down things that interests you, including lines and phrases that you find Captivating.

2. HAVE A PEN AND NOTEPAD: Funny as it might seem, walking around with a small notepad could come in handy. Ideas sprout from anything and everything around us, writing them down as often as they drop, can help you develop them into something bigger.

3. ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS: most great works of art and extraordinary books exist today because somebody wondered, “why is this like this?” , “what happens if it’s the other way?”… and so on. Don’t only accept what ‘is’, rather think of what it ‘could be’.

4. WHAT’S YOUR POINT OF VIEW?: after you must have asked all the questions, go over what you think. Are your thoughts in line with the answers you’re getting? if not, do you have a better idea?

5. IDENTIFY YOUR AUDIENCE: this is very important, as it determines whether your work will be appreciated or not. Know your target, so you don’t end up taking snowflakes to the tropics.

6. STAY FOCUSED: it is essential that you know where you stand, what you want to write about and stick to it. Try as much as possible to avoid detours.

7. DIG DEEP TO CHOOSE YOUR TOPIC: a problem many people face is diminishing interest in the course of writing, this is sometimes because they rushed in picking a topic. To avoid stacks of various unfinished work, take your time. Find a topic that interests you, forecast its chances of continuity and research vastly.

8. GOOD DICTION AND VOCABULARY: you don’t want your readers pointing out grammatical errors and wrong sentences. Before embarking on this journey, work on how grammatically comprehendible your write-up should be. Note that dumb and unengaging sentences are also turn-offs.

9. START WRITING: it doesn’t matter if you’re not a pro yet, keep writing. indulge yourself in writing challenges and develop ideas you came up with. Don’t shrink away if no one is impressed with your work yet, you will get there. Big things always start small.

10. EMBRACE WRITING: Don’t think of it as a task, derive pleasure from it. Find your drive, You’ll write better if you really love writing.

11. FEEL FREE TO IMAGINE: let your thoughts run wild, visualize your ideas unfolding, imagine the impossible. It might seem crazy at first, but that’s why it is called “creative writing”. Think it, then write it.

– Adeku Jemimah

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