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The Disney internship is an internship opportunity provided by the
Disney company for individuals who want to work with the company.
The internship is for five to seven months.
It is an opportunity for individuals to learn and gain valuable insights and on-the-job experience.

In this article, we will be covering some questions that will likely be asked at the cause of your interview.
The interview comes in two phases, the phone screening which is a call by a
recruiter, after your application is approved, and the bluejeans interview, which is a video call by your potential employers.

Phone Screening

This interview is mostly done by a recruiter.
It’s the preliminary interview after your application.
This is done to get you introduced and prepared for the next phase of the recruitment process.
This call lasts no more than thirty minutes depending on the recruiter and the number of questions you’ll be asked.

We’ve compiled some questions that you’re likely going to
come across during the phone screening below:

Who are you? Walk us through your resume: The recruiter wants to know who you are.
You need to be prepared for this, and practice before the interview date so you don’t skip while trying to explain yourself.
You can elaborate more on your resume or add important details that weren’t mentioned in your resume.
This will help the recruiter know that you know what you’re doing.

Can you elaborate more on your experience?
The recruiter wants to know about your experience related to the job description.
Make sure you have a printed copy of the job description before the interview, thoroughly go through it, and create answers that may align with the recruiter’s questions.

• Why Disney?
You need to give a really convincing pitch for this question.
Tell the recruiter why you want to work with Disney.
Your reason(s) should be precise and straight to the point.

• Why are you interested in this role?
You need to cover why you’re interested in the role and why you’ll like to work with them.
Your answer should be concise, a good but honest story.

• Can you explain this position:

The recruiter will want to make sure you know the role you’re applying for, what it entails and what not.
Try to read the job description thoroughly to know what your employer is looking for, and answer your questions based on their need.

This phase of the interview is to get you comfortable, and prepared for the next phase.
The recruiter will take notes of how well you answer these questions, and give feedback to your employer(s).

You can pen down some questions to ask at the end of the interview, these questions may include:

• What’s the timeline before the next interview?

• What’s the location of the position you applied for?

• What’s next (when to expect feedback)?


Bluejeans is a video app that Disney company uses internally for candidate interviews.
It can be one-on-one or a panel interview.
Unlike the first interview, the blue jeans interview will be carried out by your potential employers.
During this interview, your interviewer will be stricter and attentive to how you respond to each question and how confident you are in answering every question.

This interview may last longer than the phone screening, so you’ll have to be very prepared for it,
read the job description, go through your resume, and read about Disney company, its visions, missions, and everything they represent.
This will help you stand out and answer your questions properly.

We’ve compiled some questions that may likely come out during the interview for
the Disney blue jeans interview, these questions will serve as a guide for you but they are not limited to the ones
we’ve listed here, so you may want to be more prepared.

• What are your interest and career goals?

Your interviewer will want to know what your interests are, does your interest
and career goals align with their visions and missions?
This can help them in knowing who you are, and what you can bring to them as an intern.

• How will the internship help you?
This question sounds a little bit tricky so you’ll want to be careful with your answer.
Try to make your answer engaging and it should be something they can relate to or connect with.

• Have you been faced with any challenge before and how were you able to handle it?
This does not necessarily have to do with a challenge related to a former job, it may be a challenge you faced as a leader in your project group while in school, or as a member of a club.
Whatever it may be, they just want to know how well you handled the crisis.

• What are you bringing to the team?

Though this is an internship, your interviewer will want to know what you have to offer,
you need to have something you are bringing to the table, and show them what you’re capable of giving back to the company as an intern.

• What experience do you have related to the specific program?
Talk about your experience in the related field, what were your skills, what did you acquire from there,
and why you left your previous job for the internship at Disney.

• If you could be any Disney character, which character will you be and why?

These are questions that may likely come out at the cause of your interview, these questions vary from
department to department, depending on the internship you applied for, you’ll have to be careful how you handle them.
Make sure to print a copy of the job description, and have a copy of your updated resume, go through them,
understand what the department wants, and what are those skills they are looking for? Make sure the skills and
job description describes you before you apply.

Remember, set questions of your own to ask the interviewer(s), questions like:

• What’s the biggest challenge your team faces? This will help you pinpoint the vacuum that needs filling and help you understand your role more.

• How is the team structured? You’ll get to find out the kind of people you’ll be working with.

• What are you looking for in an intern?

• What are your biggest projects for the future? This will show you what you might be working on in the future.

Please note that the above questions are not limited, they may ask other
questions depending on the role you applied for and the individual interviewing you,
make sure you’re ready and prepared for it.

We hope this article was helpful. Goodluck.

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