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“Eating” means different things to many, but we cannot disagree with the fact that irrespective of our varying perspectives on the subject, no breathing being can live without it.

It is a survival mechanism, but like everything else in the universe, when eating is done wrongly it can have weighty side effects, one of which is weight gain.

There are seemingly insignificant and harmless behaviors’ which one exhibits while eating that can prove to be detrimental to the health, generally.

These bad eating habits are more dangerous because most persons that indulge in them are completely unaware of the adverse effects.

The aim of this article is to make sure you are aware of the existence of some of these eating malpractices and sensitized on how to avoid or curb them.


Comforting one’s self with food is a big red triangle with an exclamation mark in the middle. Bad days are sure to come and a sour mood is sure to visit from time to time but whatever you do, DO NOT use eating as a coping mechanism.

Research shows that people tend to eat more than they should when they are downcast or extremely happy, it works both ways.

So instead of visiting your refrigerator or kitchen when you are emotionally stressed, try taking a walk, workout or hangout with friends until you are in the right state of mind.


Many tend to wolf down food when the feeling of hunger is intense. This is a bad eating habit because the brain may find it hard to keep up with the stomach. Usually your brain will not give the ‘YOU’RE FULL’ signal until at least 15 minutes after eating commences, this means that if you gobble up everything in 5 to 10 minutes, you might eat way more than you’re supposed to.

Incase you have a problem with eating slowly, try putting down the cutlery at intervals, take lesser spoonful’s and be sure to chew thoroughly before swallowing. Drinking water while eating will also make you feel Fuller.


Stay away from the TV! Including your phone, a book, a video game and generally anything that takes your mind off the meal that you do not realize you’re eating until the plate is spoon-to-ceramic empty.

This is one malpractice that is often ignored, what’s the cinema without a pack of chips or popcorn right?

The chances of over eating when you’re distracted is very high, so in a situation where you have to eat while doing something else, a smaller plate is advised, just to keep you in check.


A lot of things are bound to compete with eating for your attention, especially if you have a super tight schedule. So you’re running late and just like that you miss the most important meal of the day; Breakfast.

A good breakfast boosts your energy and supports metabolism, knowing this, we can say the effect of not having breakfast has already been made clear.

When you miss breakfast, chances are you will get stressed out and tired easily, compelling you to eat more than you need later. Generally this applies to every meal of the day.

But just Incase your schedule doesn’t allow you the time for bacon, eggs and all of that, make ready healthy foods that you can eat on the run. Stuff like home-made cereal bars, smoothies and fruits can help.


Avoid snacking, do more eating, Snacks and desserts are not food! 85% of desserts and snacks are high in fat, carbohydrates and calories, which are not really good for you if you intend to keep fit.

If you find yourself really in the mood for nothing heavy, chow on fruits and vegetable salads instead.

Keep lesser snacks and desserts within your reach if you know you can not resist them.


These macronutrients make you fuller faster and keep you full for a long time as they take time to move through the digestive system. When one eats less proteins and fibre, he is bound to have eating urges before he is supposed to.

More of these eating malpractices are; lying down during food consumption, eating when you are not really hungry, amongst others.

It helps to have a laid out eating plan and keep to it. This is not just beneficial to your health but pockets too.

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