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The relationship between productivity and good management systems cannot be over emphasized. In fact, the latter is very dependent on the former, irrespective of the organization, group, or people involved.

Management, in any case, is like the front tyres of a moving vehicle. When it takes a right turn, the body of the car, the people in the car and the tyres at the back follow it, likewise when it goes left, backwards, or even into a ditch.

Many brilliant projects and promising organizations crumble due to a glitch or a flaw in their management systems.
The weight of coordinating people can be more crushing than coordinating resources and this is so because people have feelings, and feelings differ. For this reason, the key to outstanding productivity is to not just be a manager, but to be a leader.

A good manager can help a business run smoothly by dictation and laid down guidelines, but a good leader makes it last by understanding and motivating his employees to be a part of that success, body and soul, which ideally, yields a more positive result.

Some ways to achieve a good relationship with the people for or under you are listed below:

•Listen to your subordinates and learn from them.
•Don’t do sensitive activities alone.
•Be transparent.
•Respect them, this is the most basic principle of a good relationship with anyone.
•Involve them in decision making.
•Do not totally condemn work poorly carried out. That’s picking on their self esteem.
•Take occasional peeps into their personal lives. It’ll help you understand them better.
•Trust them to do well even without supervision. Employee performance tends to rocket when they’re on their own.
•Delegate duties based on individual personalities (strengths and weaknesses)
•Incentives. Almost everyone is motivated by small stipends.
•Give breaks when necessary.

The need for all of the above is not superficial, each one builds trust, confidence and even affection. Research has shown that people tend to work more when they are happy than when they are forced.
When your surbordinates love and respect you, they would do anything you tell them to. Do not worry about looking weak, the results will surprise you in the end.

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