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Facebook ads are paid advertisements businesses place on Facebook to attract more leads or sales.  This paid ad allows you to target prospects from their demography, age, gender, location, and interests.  There are things you need to consider before starting a Facebook ad, these include:

  • Have a chosen objective and audience
  • Ads directed at generating leads not sales
  • Set a budget
  • Timely and straight to the point videos
  • Retargeting ads

You must have a chosen objective and audience: your Facebook ads should be based on your business objectives and your targeted audience. Having this in mind will help you create adverts that will get you impressive leads. What are your business goals and objective? Why are you doing the ad? (Is it to get more sales or more leads?) Who are your target audience? (Their demography, interests, relationship status, languages, gender, age-range, etc.)What are their buyer personas? All these are questions you’ll need answers to before starting a Facebook ad. Your ad should be able to align with your business objectives, these will enable Facebook to target the right audience for your page.

Your ads should be directed at generating leads instead of sales:

Most people run away from ads that are focused on removing something from their pockets, an ad that says “click here to buy” will send a red signal to your prospects. Your ad should be more focused on generating leads, than making sales, the more people interested in what you have to sell, the more likely they are to purchase your product or service.

Set a budget: what is your budget? How much are you willing to spend on one ad? How much are you willing to bid for a click or thousand impressions your ad will receive? These are questions you should consider and have an answer to before starting a Facebook ad. Having a budget will help you track your sales or lead generations and know how much ROI your page is getting. You can start with a dollar for an ad, monitor it, and confirm if that particular ad is generating expected sales, if yes, you can add your budget as time goes on. This can help your business cut cost.

Your videos should be timely, effective, and straight to the point: Facebook has a video limit of two hundred and forty (240) for your ads, so you have quite enough time to create whatever kind of video ads you want. Your ads should be straight to the point and content-rich that will capture your audience and make them interested in your page.

You can always retarget your ads: retargeting ads are now in vogue in the marketing industry. This allows you to reach clients who are already familiar with your page, you can do this by showing some of your targets who have not visited your page for a while products that may interest them. You can do this using the Facebook pixel.

Creating a Facebook ad is quite easy when you know the right thing to do, take that chance today to boost your business


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