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You can Read: FOR THE LOVE OF FOOD 1

Yes, yes. You clicked on the right link.
You are in the right place if you seek the continuation of our gist on
the negative effects of eating too much.

So now that we have seen the consequences of eating too much,
and we probably feel guilty and scared, let us give ourselves hope by
looking at ways we could avoid overfeeding.

1. Dieting

Dieting is the first thing to consider when seeking a solution to this
excess eating problem, especially for those already obesed.
Dieting is an attempt to lose weight by restricting the amount or type of food consumed.
This may also entail avoiding your favourite food for a while.
A tangible while though, not just for 24 hours.

2. Stay hydrated

Always stay hydrated. This should not be an opportunity to consume as
many carbonated, sweetened drinks as possible.
Instead, focus on water.
Drinking pure water at regular intervals keep you hydrated.

3. Avoid skipping meals.

Dieting does not mean fasting. Don’t get them twisted.
When you skip meals, you set your brain to over consume when you finally decide to eat.
So it’s like you’re shooting yourself in the leg again.

4. Slow down

When people eat, they can feel when they are yet to be full and when they are finally full.
If you notice your gauge is about to be full, you better slow down your chewing and swallowing.
Look at it like holding a car brake when you are approaching a speed breaker on the road.
Intentionally slow down and do not overfeed yourself.

5. Avoid distractions

We love to engage ourselves while we eat.
Watch a movie, You know, read a book, watch the TV, and whichever distraction you pick that moment.
This however, should be avoided, because you would not even know when
you have finished the food, asked for another plate and keep eating.
In that process of wanting to making sure you’re eating
something as you watch that show, you are distracted and can overfeed yourself.

6. Flee from temptation

. You know your trigger food, make conscious efforts to avoid
it if you are really determined to stop over eating.

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