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Lunch time! One of your favourite phrases. Food lord! Proudly a foodie! Oh, I love good food!

Well, I also love good food, and food gets me excited too; but as good and necessary as food is, remember the saying, “too much of everything is bad”. It goes for food too. Yeah. Unfortunately. What then could possibly be the disadvantage of eating too much?


1. Obesity

Obesityyyy!!! You know when you eat, you feel so full and so relaxed you just want to sleep off immediately. That is a good feeling, but constant repetition of that means you do not burn enough calories. And in time those calories will be stored as fats in your body. That is the origin of obesity and overweight. You do not want to see yourself overweight ( having a body mass index of 30 or above), do you?

2. High risk of disease

Being obesed increases one’s chance of getting a heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, and many other diseases.

3. Brain sadness

Eating too much gets your brain sad. The brain gets sad because it is impaired and cannot function properly.

Not eating healthy by eating too much causes mental decline in older adults. Forgetfulness, memory loss can come as a result of eating too much.

4. Food pregnant

You can get pregnant by and with food. You see your stomach gets bloated when you eat too much. This is a sign of indigestion and this should not become a habit if you care about your digestive system.

Among many other disadvantages, eating too much negatively affects your hunger regulation, makes you release excess gas( I feel for those in your home), makes you feel nauseous, makes you sleepy (dizzy) and lazy.

I am not just going to leave you here to feel guilty and scared. Let all of us foodies gather around and see how we can help ourselves to resist the urge to over eat and also to get out of this problem if we have already made it a habit. The way forward is not in this post though. It is in the next article post. Oya, let us go find it together…see you there!


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