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So they think we’re chaotic and disorderly,
they think we behave like animals and we’re abnormal,
how can we be normal when we have to stand for hours in a queue before getting anything done?
why won’t we be disorderly when our leaders respect money and disregard order?

We behave like animals because we’re treated like animals!
our women, children, old and young are slaughtered with the same cutlasses used in butchering oxen!
Pavements, farmlands, streets, villages, houses and churches are soaked with the blood of Innocents, blood that now flows in our rivers, slowly watering the issues of this great Nation.

They look down on us because they’re sitting behind the desk and we’re standing in front of it.
We get turned away because they do not remember our fathers names from anywhere, and
assisting us won’t get them a promotion or secure them connections.
These people cheated, stole and were dishonest to get to the top, then they
took out the nails on the ladder we’re climbing, so we do not achieve what they have.

Yes, we have to be chaotic, because we can’t seem to achieve anything by being obedient, peaceful or orderly.
We have to behave like animals because Nigeria does not seem to understand any other language.

But does it have to be so? do we have to tear down structures and burn down buildings before we’re heard?
since when did protests and riots become our advocates?
surely our plights still can be attended to…right?
do we still have leaders who sincerely care about us?

We want to build Nigeria, but the bricks are too heavy,
being enduring is much harder than it was before, the sun is harsh and these resounding whips sting.
We’re not loosing hope or zeal… we just want you to give us the better day that’s being endlessly worked for.

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