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‘Cheating’ is a very touchy subject nowadays, it has marred several relationships that could have turned out to be something solid with time.

For many, cheating, is a big full stop to seemingly strong romantic feelings, an obstruction to dreams, aspirations and all the many plans that the couple might have laid out and wanted to achieve together.

When a person discovers his or her partner has been unfaithful, they’re faced with stabbing questions and conflicted emotions on what to do and how to handle the situation

In this article, a few tips are given to a woman who finds herself in such a predicament, but some items below could also help a man as well.



You do not want to jump into conclusions and start assuming that your man is the most animalistic beast to ever walk the earth. Things could turn out to not be what they appear to be at that moment.

So the first reasonable thing to do, is to know why he cheated and it’d be best to find out from him first, before you conduct any external research, if need be.



You’re probably thinking “WHAT??!”

I do not deny the fact that this is rather difficult, very difficult, really. But this is no time to nag and shout and throw curses or abusive words. Take deep breaths before you give an immediate response, go out to get some air if you can. Just do anything possible to clear your head so you can think and strategize.

Cheating on you does not always necessarily mean he’s a complete monster, plus, there might still be a part of you that wants to keep him, and that might be hard to do if you insult him…. Men are proud creatures.



After you must have gotten your facts straight, it is now time for self assessment and evaluation.

The society expects so much from a woman when it comes to keeping her man, it doesn’t matter if it’s he who’s wrong, you might have reservations about these expectations but it doesn’t change the fact that they are there and they have the ability to affect your relationship.

So try to provide answers to the following questions:

  • What did he want in a woman that you did not, or could not provide?(in every aspect)
  • What did he see in you that made him fall in love in the first place? And is it still there?
  • What did he see in the other woman?
  • Who changed first? You? Or him?

When you have answers to the above, then it’s time to move on to the next thing, which is:



By this, I do not mean head out with clubs or long fingernails to go pull out the other woman’s eyes and hair, remember, your man played a bigger role in the cheating process.

I always tell any lady who cares to listen that “YOU’RE THE BOSS”, you were there before she came along, and you will not leave for her, you will not force yourself back on him either, that will only make you appear desperate and men dread desperate women.

There is absolutely no need for violence, do the following instead:

  • Pay attention to yourself (this has a lot to do with bodily care)
  • Make yourself the Haven he needs (this includes giving him peace of mind and extreme care)
  • If it’s you who changed, bring back the woman he fell in love with.
  • Don’t condemn him, show him you love him more than you ever did before
  • Be interesting, irresistible…be THERE every time
  • Don’t ignore him, you’ll only push him away
  • Apologize if it was you who pushed him away


Let’s leave it here, I believe every woman knows her man and what attracts him better than any blogger, writer, or relationship and dating expert. Keep in mind though, that men are naturally hunters and wild explorers. If he finds nothing appealing about you he will venture Into greener pastures.



To this, most ladies will be like; “but he’ll just keep doing it” …. Yes he will, but only IF you let him.

Every thing you are employing in your fight for him should not just last until you have regained his attention and love, let it stay forever, and even if you give him another chance, he will be too into you to want to hurt you again.


In conclusion, true love is worth fighting for, no matter how lost it might seem…

But don’t be too in love to not know when your relationship is a lost cause.

Please note, that this article does not in any way support men who disrespect their women by cheating, it also does not mean women should be okay with their men cheating or stay in toxic relationships… after all, every woman deserves to be treated right.

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