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As humans, we all do things at a different pace; learning too is one of those things we grasp differently. It can be really frustrating when you learn at a slow pace, but trust that you can make the slow process so fun, you do not even know when you finally comprehend everything.

You seek ways to learn faster? Seek out the fun process in learning whatever you choose to learn. One good thing about the fun process in learning anything is that it sticks to your memory longer than when it is just learnt monotonously.

Check out these 4 (four) ways you can learn faster:

1. Play related games.

Get games related to what you are learning to play. Playing games keeps your brain active. As you play, what you are trying to learn is constantly in your brain, and games are fun to play so it would not get tiring.


2. Include a touch a humor.

Relate what you are learning to something funny. It has been proven that humor can significantly boost retention. When you remember that funny thing, it would be easy to remember what you learnt too.


3. Get on a field trip.

Field trips are not meant to create a long journey and a boring day. It is actually meant to foster learning. As you see, and probably touch, you retain what you learn.

On field trips, you get exciting experiences, because you explore new environments; this very act produces a rush of sensory stimuli which helps absorb information quickly, and ensures it stays longer.

4. Teach

Yes. Another fun way to learn is to teach, whether you actually teach humans or not. You can group objects together and act like you are teaching them. Teach all you know, and you can also teach directly from the source you are learning from. This way, you break it down to your understanding, and can easily repeat the information when needed.


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