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HOW TO MAKE YOUR BED (Continuation)


  • Grow a good network.

The importance of building good relationships with people in different spheres of life cannot be overemphasized. You may not exactly work in their field, but there must be other ways you can connect with them and build a good relationship with them. Opportunities can come from anywhere, anyone. Someone that has built a good network over time has a higher probability of getting access to opportunities, compared to someone with no good network. Consciously work to build good and valuable network to make the most of life.

  • Be humble, and always willing to learn.

Isn’t this self-explanatory? Regardless I say, remember you can learn from any one. Listen to people notwithstanding their background, age, gender, or societal status. It is then left for you to filter their words and pick the wise ones to run with. Don’t think you know it all, be humble to learn, pride goes before a fall.

  • Offer help as much as you can.

If it is in your capacity to help, why should you not? What goes around comes around. Help so you may be helped. And beside that, it does build you a good character and reputation when you are always willing and ready to offer help. Remember, it is if you can, do not overdo it. Don’t displease yourself because you want to please everyone. Okay?

  • Enjoy your peace and never trade it for anything

Peace, oh peace. Such an amazing feeling and gift. It shouldn’t be traded for ANYTHING. As a matter of fact, peace keeps you intact to get any other thing you may strive for. Lose your peace temporarily and see how uncomfortable and devastating it can be, how much more when it is permanently lost. Disaster! So try as much as you can not to trade your peace for anything. Not even money. In fact, especially money.


There is so much more to learn and experience as we make efforts to plan well for our lives. At the end of the day only Godly wisdom is profitable to guide and direct us. May God crown all our efforts. Amen and amen.

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