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ou don’t really expect me to teach you how to lay your bed, do you? Oh no. This is not what you think it is. But the good news is, it is even better than what you expected.

Sentential constructs can have different meanings – literal meaning and figurative meaning. And just like this one, “how to make your bed”, there is a literal meaning to it, and also a figurative meaning. The literal meaning is what you were expecting to read in this article; but the figurative meaning, however, will be our point of focus.

You may have heard the saying that goes, “how you make your bed is how you lie on it”.  Of truth, this saying is valid. It simply means that however you plan your life is how it will go. Since “life” is referred to as “bed” in this saying, this article is to give little tips on how to lay your bed, in other words, how to plan your life.

  • Know and serve God.

God is your creator. To know Him is to love Him and to love Him is to serve Him. In this, you find purpose and fulfillment in life. You are also guided on what path to follow and how to follow it.

  • Study and be versatile.

Know something about everything, no matter how little. This is not to encourage you to be a jack of all trades and master of none. No. Instead, it is to help you blend easily into conversations with people from different spheres of life, and help you provide solutions to a problem with knowledge from different angles of life.

  • Be prepared before opportunities come.

Time and chance are meant to be. Opportunities will definitely come. It is now left for you to prepare to grab them or let them go just the way they came. In whatever area of life you strive to progress in, lay down your set goals and work towards them. Do the work that is within your power so that when the opportunity comes to be elevated, you grab it and parachute to the next stage speedily.


Stay connected! This will be continued in the next article.

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