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How to Screenshot on Mac

When making a Screenshots, you either open the screenshot menu or then choose your way of capturing the screen or use dedicated keyboard shortcuts for every action such as capturing a window or a selected area. macOS versions released before Mojave don’t really have a screen capturing menu, but have the commands to capture part of the screen or whole screen.

How to screenshot entire screen on Mac

  • Press and hold the following keys: Command, Shift and 3.
  • A window containing your screenshot should pop up. You can click on it to edit your screenshot or just leave it for a few seconds until the window disappears and saves your screenshot.

How to screenshot a portion of the screen

  1. Press and hold the following keys: Command, Shift and 4
  2. A crosshair will be prompted; hold down on your mouse or trackpad button and use the crosshair to select the area you want to capture.
  3. Release your mouse to take the screenshot.
  4. As with taking a screenshot of your entire screen, the screenshot will pop up in a window and give you the option to edit.

How to screenshot a specific window

  1. Open the window
  2. Press and hold the following keys: Command, Shift, 4 and the space bar.
  3. A camera icon should appear. Use that to click on the window to take a screenshot.
  4. You can eliminate the window’s shadow from the screenshot by holding “Option” when you click on the window to capture it.

Mac Screenshot Basics

There’s no dedicated button for the print screen on Apple products, but there is a dedicated menu. And some even argue it’s much better! Apple really revolutionizes their Mac screenshot function by adding a single command that opens a screen capture menu. Once you understand this command, making a screenshots will be a lot easy and spontaneous.

Apple’s local screenshot tool only gives you five options on how to capture Mac’s screen. As you read on this very content, you’ll discover there are many more available with third-party apps. So let’s see what works best for you.

Capture screen with the screenshot menu 

If you’re a Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur, or Monterey user, you can use ⌘ + Shift + 5 to bring up a screen capture menu that will allow you to:

  1. Capture Entire Screen
  2. Capture Selected Window(s)
  3. Capture Selected Portion
  4. Record Entire Screen
  5. Record Selected Portion.

Print screen of a selected area 

We can bet that in 80% cases you take a screenshot of a specific area on your screen. Grab an image, capture a joke from your work chat, or show something on your screen — there are tons of use cases that justify why you print screen a selected area so often. And the obvious thing: if you choose to capture a selected area, you might as well use this method to capture the whole screen — just select it all. This is why, no matter what screenshot method you prefer, remember this command: ⌘ + Shift + 4. It will let you quickly print screen a selected area.

How to take screenshots using the Touch Bar 

If you still think you can’t live without that Windows-style print screen button.

Does your Mac have the Touch Bar? If yes, you can create a dedicated button for taking screenshots! Here’s how it works:

  1. Access System Preferences > Keyboard
  2. Click “Customize Control Strip”
  3. Choose the location of your screenshot button on the Touch Bar, drag and drop it there, and save the changes.

Now you can screen grab Mac using nothing but your Touch Bar. Click the screenshot button — this will bring up a screen capture menu. Click “Save To” if you want to change where your screenshots are saved to. Choose what you want to capture: the entire screen, selected area, or window. Then just move your cursor to take a screenshot.


You can cancel taking a screenshot of a specific window or a portion of the screen by hitting the Esc or “Escape” key.

Screenshots save to the desktop as png files.

A lot Apple users, predominantly those who are migrating from Windows and are used to that Prt-Scrn (Print Screen) button, the answer to the question of how to screenshot on Mac isn’t immediately obvious.

Although it only takes pressing a couple of keys to take a screenshot on Mac, the fact remains that Mac screen capture is something that hasn’t historically felt all that intuitive.

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