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Make eye contact

Spend a few days catching her gaze every now and then. Don’t just stare at her, though; instead, shoot her small glances until your eyes meet and she catches you. When she does, smile slightly and look away after a second. You’ll probably blush as well, which is all the better – blushing indicates you’re nervous, which is a hint that you like her.

Time it right.

When you do talk to her, pick a time that’s convenient. Don’t try to get her attention when she’s obviously involved in something else, and try to have a bit of privacy – you don’t have to be completely alone, but her attention shouldn’t be too distracted.
Make the interaction extra casual (and put a time limit on it) by talking to her while you’re both walking somewhere else. If you walk to a class at the same time as her, or you start walking the same way home, this is a great opening.

Compliment Her

Girls love it when they receive compliments from guys. It will be very easy to talk to a girl if you know the right ways and time to compliment her. Only compliment her when it’s necessary else you make her feel awkward. You can say something great about the way she looks or about her dress, then as your conversation goes on, you can compliment her hair or her eyes. Just do it naturally.  If you are taking her picture, you can compliment her looks.

Build Your Self-Confidence 

Before you can get close to her, you have to compose yourself and ensure that you have enough confidence to talk to her. Don’t push too forward else she will think that you are proud and very aggressive. If you happen to be the shy type, you will need to work more on your self-confidence. You can ask your closest friend’s help and figure out how to gain self-confidence. This is one of the best qualities that you need in order to attract her.

Open Up

Most guys don’t find it easy to open up about our feelings, goals and insecurities, especially the first time we have a conversation with a lady. Indeed, it is a difficult thing to do but it is mandatory. It moves the conversation into a deeper level and allows emotional connections between the both of you. Guys are usually not comfortable talking about themselves, and they’ve been socialized to abstain from displaying any sign of vulnerability.

Be that as it may, ladies tend to see vulnerability to be an asset, since they are more likely able to acknowledge the quality that it can take to open up to someone else. If you can open up to a lady, you’ll have a better chance of starting a conversation and propping it up.

Find Interesting Topics

Don’t talk about anything that will make her feel out of place. You need to right words. Don’t highlight any topic you think she is not interested in. Try not to discuss anything that ladies want to do so that you won’t give her a notion that you are gay. Venturing into topics like popular restaurants, favorite cities, latest movies et cetera will impress her.

Build An Emotional Connection 

In case you are wondering on how to open up to a lady you are interested in, here’s how to go about it. The best way to do this is to talk about the best or worse things that have ever happened in your life. It can be about your childhood, your passion in life, and maybe a dramatic event that happened while you were in college. By opening up a bit, you start to build the trust and enthusiastic rapport with her which leaves her no option but to open up to you also. In as much as you are eager and ready to be a good listener, this can be a great beginning of something big for you.

Don’t Stare at Her Body

if you are conversing with a girl you like, you should abstain from looking at her boobs or other sensitive parts of the body. She will either hate you forever or slap you once she gets you openly gaping. Ensure that you will look her at her face or directly into her eyes when you are talking to her.

Avoid Boring Questions

Firstly, abstain from asking boring questions. Odds are she had already discussed that with four other guys in the past. Boring questions like where did you grow up and what are your favorite colors? … should never be asked. However, attracting questions like do you enjoy swimming? You don’t seem like you’re from Texas, will draw her attention. This will immediately propel you into a datable category. This is difficult at first but with constant practice, you will become accustomed to it.

Make A Statement

Instead of bombarding a lady with questions, adopt an alternate strategy by making a statement instead. Regardless you’ll still get the answer you seek, yet you’ll make a greater impression on her in the meantime. She will definitely correct you if you are wrong and this may be an opportunity for an open chat. You may likewise be right, in which case you have successfully impressed her and also built a rapport in a flash.

Be Prepared For The Next Time

After you have ensured that she knows your kind of person in your first meet, always get ready for the next meet. Make her aware that you have never changed a bit and always maintain your integrity and stance on every matter. Try not to be too inflexible, yet be firm. Many ladies like this because it gives them a sense of maturity from you.

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