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“Music heals your body

Heals your soul

Heals your spirit

Makes you whole

Heals eee so get in the music in the music ee…”

This is part of the lyrics of the popular song “in the music” by Omawumi.

This alone passes a strong message on the power of music. I’m sure you too can testify that music can do this. When we listen to music and feel good, we say that this is good music. Now, let us look at other amazing benefits of listening to music.

• Your heart smiles

Research has shown that when you listen to music, more blood flows to your heart. That makes listening to music heart-healthy.

• You get on cloud 9

Music automatically elevates your mood. From being moody to being happy, or from being happy to being excited, or from being excited to going crazy. Lol. Please don’t go crazy o.

• You remember?

Music stimulates memories. Either good or bad memories, music brings them to you. You listen to the lyrics of a song and you find yourself reminiscing on a past event. That is the power of music.

• It reduces stress

Listening to music especially when you are mentally stressed is so relieving. Calm music especially. When you get mentally stressed, it seems like your head is full or even overheating and you can get easily irritated. But trust that listening to music at that moment can calm your nerves and relief you of that stress.

• Say no to depression

Music always says no to depression. Music has the power to pull you out of depression. It does so gradually. You may even sleep off in the process but somehow, when you are up again, you feel better. That is how beneficial music is.

For a fact, in any mood you are in, music is a wonderful companion. To complete this article, write out a benefit of music you know and have experienced. We’re all trying to help each other here. So drop it right awayyyy. Thank you.

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