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Oh wow! You are actually here to read this. True that as humans we are meant to take out time from our busy or not busy schedule to rest. But is that the only reason you clicked this? Or you actually need one million reasons to finally convince you to rest? Whatever your reason may be, I am glad you are here.

This article will not give you one million reasons to you need to rest but trust that the couple of reasons provided here will be convincing enough. Let’s dig in.

1. You need to rest because your body needs it.

Your body does not just want rest, it needs rest. It needs it to function properly. Overworking yourself, physically, mentally or any other way can be like a motor vehicle when it is overheating. You see that it does not work as it is supposed to, it slows down movement and cannot even get one to his or her desired destination.

That is just how your body is when you do not get enough rest. It slows you down because sicknesses can hop in from there and you would not be as sharp as you usually are when you work. Also, the goal you are trying so hard to achieve would not even be achieved; and even if it is achieved, it would only be half-baked, not as desired.

2. You need to rest because God rested.

Oh yes. That is the second and last reason. Even God your creator rested on the seventh day after creation. Trust that He always set the right example for us to follow. Acknowledging that we are created in His image, if He rested, it is a blaring signal that we also need rest from time to time. Rest so you can feel better and do better. Rest so you can get to that level of productivity you want to get to.

If these reasons are not convincing enough for you to start resting well, wait for the one million reasons to rest you would get when you get to heaven earlier than expected. I hope that would not happen though. So long! And remember, try dey rest, body no be firewood.

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