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PAIN KILLER (How to Deal with Pain)


Isn’t this what everyone feels? Even those born with a silver spoon, even those you look up to, your mentor(s), your parents, your guardian, your spiritual leader. Everyone feels pain.

Pain does come naturally, but truth is, we don’t even deserve some of the pain we feel. It is even pain like that that hurts the most.

Pain of betrayal from a loved one, losing someone or something precious to you because of someone else’s carelessness or hatred towards you. Pain that comes when something you cannot control keeps reoccurring.

It is saddening, and whenever pain is felt, we know there is a problem; and problems always need a solution. A solution to pain is communicating.

-Talk to someone. Some of us have this technique of bottling up and dealing with the problem with just “me, myself and I”. Truth be told, our knowledge is limited. The solution you seek or the words you NEED at that moment may be at the disposal of someone else.

So talk to a trusted friend about what you’re going through. That’s why we have friends. Not an acquaintance, but a friend. The solution may not just jump out from their mouth as you desire but you could get soothing words, and possibly, options to solve that problem. This way, your head is clear enough to think out a better solution.

If you have been doing this and tried even other options but it has not worked out, what then is the solution to pain?


Jesus is THE solution to pain. Not A solution, but THE solution. Having Jesus is having the sure way to tackle pain whenever it shows up.

You also need to accept the fact that as long as you live, difficult times which means pain must meet you. Ironically, overcoming those painful, difficult challenges is what gives our existence meaning.

It is nerve-calming when you remember that Jesus has your back. The pain may persist but somehow, just somehow, you are at peace. Such peace that overwhelms you, you can’t even explain it. And that is just how that pain leaves and you cannot explain how.

So choose to accept Jesus today. Do not let the next painful situation break you down. Let Jesus be the pillar you hold on to. Let Him make your burden light.

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