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Going through TikTok videos, Facebook feeds, Instagram stories and tweets on Twitter can be fun and engaging, but it affects our health and work. Learning to curb your use of your smartphone, especially social media is very important, you’re not stopping it completely, you’re just reducing your screentime to enable productivity.
What is digital wellbeing?
Digital wellbeing is a term that describes the impact of technology on people’s mental, emotional, physical, and social health. It was introduced by google around 2018 when it was discovered that people focus more on their phones than every other thing in their lives. Smartphone started becoming and is still becoming an addiction for some users. The main aim of digital wellbeing is to curb the high increase in smartphone addiction and to limit and monitor people’s time on their smartphones.
Using the google digital wellbeing app helps to limit the time spent on your phone, the app monitors your usage and when the time limit expires, it automatically locks the phone until the next day. There are quite a number of the importance of digital well-being, some of them are:
•Reduces smartphone addiction
•Leads to a healthy life
•Increases productivity

Though digital well-being is not 100% the cure to smartphone addiction, it can drastically reduce it.
When an app you’re used to visiting like TikTok is removed or locked from your phone after a while, you will have no choice but to drop your phone and do other things.
You can extend the time spent on a particular app which is why we said it cannot completely cure smartphone addiction, but if you want to work on yourself and want to stay away from your smartphone, then this is the best approach.

Using the digital wellbeing app can lead to a healthy life. When you focus on your assignment or a given task without being distracted by your phone will help you reach your goal on time, which will reduce stress and exhaustion.
Going from your phone to your task will stress you out quicker than accomplishing the task without pressing or going through your phone.

Being away from your phone is very crucial in aiding productivity either at work or at home. The more time you spend on your smartphone the less time you have to work on important things.
Digital wellbeing enables you to become productive at work and When your time on screen is over and the app locks whatever app you were using, you will have no choice but to focus on important things and at the end of the day you find out that you’ve achieved more than you would have with your phone in your hand.

Though most smartphones have adapted the use of digital wellbeing, it’s been estimated that soon, all the bigger corporations like Facebook, Twitter, and the rest will restrict users from using their apps after a given period, and will have to pay a subscription fee to access it again.
This is to reduce users’ time online. Being on your smartphone can be fun and engaging, but setting a limit to it for your health and productivity is important.
Your smartphone is a tool, use it and don’t allow it to use you.

– by Lillian Elijah

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