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Sales Note (Continuation) – How Top Sales People Use Them to Build Relationship with Prospects



Step Two

Paying attention to details to meet a prospect’s needs should be your priority;
in order not to omit anything of importance, you should take notes.
This very act gives the prospect a feeling of importance and confidence.
They are convinced that they are actually valuable to you, and you are not just trying to make money off of them.
They also trust that you scribbling down the important things they are
pointing out means you are ready to make an effort to meet their satisfaction.
At this stage, they are already getting more friendly and comfortable with you,
and then it gets easier to work with or on them.

Step Three

Just before the deal is concluded, you can run a cross-check through your sales note.
As you do that, you see mistakes to clear out, and more creative ideas to
spice up the deal, in favour of all parties involved.

Step Four

You could dare to start preparing to close a deal after all these; and good
thing about it is that a good sales note can serve as a temporary sales manual;
this can work for you as an individual, or with your sales team.
Previous mistakes are avoided, even if it is for an entirely different deal.
This way, you can closely observe the sales process, the sales pipeline, and sales revenue.


A good sales deck can be formed from good, extensive sales note.
Sales representatives can easily turn to sales note they have previously worked with to guide them smoothly through a new deal.
You see how our temporary sales manual is being utilized again?


Just as top sales people do it, remember to note details, listen attentively to your prospect, highlight the important points you catch during the sales process; that way, you meet your prospect’s meets, seal deals, make your work easier, triple your sales, and boost your career.

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