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SALES NOTE: How Top Sales People Use Them to Build Relationship with Prospects

Get oxygen! You’re about to lose your breathe once this secret hits you!
You can trust that one of the best proven ways to turn a prospect to a customer is by building a rapport with them.
Relationship building between a sales representative and a prospect to seal a deal has been test and trusted.
You must however note that a sales representative could either build a bad relationship, or a good one.
Thankfully, we are focusing on building a good relationship between a sales representative and a prospect.
Remember that work has to be done to get and keep a good relationship, yeah?
To see how top sales people go through this process with prospects, let us then
highlight this major building block – sales note.

As important as it is for a student to take notes when receiving lectures in a classroom,
or studying at home, and for a participant to take notes while
absorbing knowledge in a seminar, so it
is for a sales person to take notes in the process of closing a deal.
It is this important duty of note taking that improves collaboration,
which in turn boosts productivity, and increases sales revenue.
Yes, that, and a few other things is what takes those at the top to the top.
Now this is the secret as to how it goes:

Step One

Admitting that your brain cannot remember everything that it has processed since your birth,
sales note is obviously needed to jot down important points while the transaction between you and your prospect is going on.

Step Two

Paying attention to details to meet a prospect’s needs should be your priority;
in order not to omit anything of importance, you should take notes.

Now as quickly as possible search for the second part of this article to study this process, practice it, and watch you take you to the top!

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