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One way or another we all must have heard phrases like dress to express, dress to impress, dressed to kill and all of that. Some people see dressing as a silent, yet very noticeable language.
culture thinks its an expression of values and ones innermost personality. Certain individuals even tend to go as far as using it to elevate their status.
All these views and opinions lead us to the million dollar question, “how should I dress?”. This article aims to highlight some things to consider when it comes to dressing. Hopefully, you will find your answers here.

1. COMFORT: often we see people who are all jumpy and uneasy, constantly checking themselves or adjusting the clothes they’re wearing. This can sometimes be very embarrassing and distracting. In your choice of outfits, it is adviced that comfort be considered. The way we dress can either boost or deflate our confidence, be sure what you’re wearing does not make you feel weird and insignificant in public. Another factor under this is, the weather condition.

2. COLOR AND SKIN COMPLEXION: for years, colors have been known to express feelings, thoughts, motives, status and more. Red, for example, is said to be a seductive color on women. Pick your colors carefully so you don’t give people the wrong impression

There’s also the issue of color combination, try as much as you can to not give others a headache when they look at you in the sunlight. Know your colors, not all of them are compatible, especially with your skin complexion. Generally it is advised that light skinned people should wear more of darker colors, while dark skinned people should wear lighter ones.

3. BODY TYPE: very crucial. You need to find clothes that suit your body type, or you all you will be able to do is looking and feeling like a clown.

4. GO WITH WHAT YOU’VE GOT: cut your coat according to your size right? it is very unhealthy to go the extra mile just to look good and impress others. You can still be stunning in those cheap clothes, IF, they are carefully selected.

5. THE OCCASION: It is important to consider the occasion. Don’t go to a dinner looking like a scarecrow and don’t go to a beach party or a picnic dressed like queen Elizabeth. There are situations that require simplicity, while there are others that need you to look classy.
Sometimes too, whether we like it or not, we might have to dress to impress. Especially when going for an interview or any other formal occasion.

6. YOUR DRESSING INTRODUCES A PART OF YOU: And we’re back to ‘ dressing to express ‘
As stated earlier in this article, the kind of clothes we wear tend to speak volumes about us, due to culture and other variables, this is more common in Africa. It is a high possibility that the society will not see you for whom you really are because of how you dress. Your appearance makes an impression, so watch it.

7. TRY NEW THINGS: some people like to go with dressing styles that are all their own, this could turn out well, but too much of it can make one boring, so it would not hurt to explore diverse looks either. A new look should make you more confident and eager to socialize.

– by Adeku Jemimah

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