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First you need to come and see my Dad, the expression on his face, he’s body motions omo😂

My Dad was as at that point in time like a woman that just got married after many years of waiting 😂.

Then he goes, it happened that after I was done with work and ready to go home, I just felt like waiting a little bit longer though for no reason, after waiting for about 30mins chatting with my colleagues that were still around, all of a sudden I was now feeling like going home and then I greeted my colleagues and left for my house, while I was coming I saw this man standing beside a very nice car well dressed, it was obvious he need a hand so when I got close to him, I came down to ask if he was okay, lo…….

It was my old time friend Kunle, I was so happy to meet him again after 20 years of losing touch, kunle was my friend in secondary School those days,very brilliant a boy he is.

We finally met one more time,there we discussed, I helped him with his car, after discussing for God knows how long because there were things about each other we needed to catch up with you know 20 years is not a joke☺…

He gave me his complimentary card to check him up at work when I’m free and also he gave me a sum of twenty thousand naira to buy pure water.

The whole room was filled with Joy because previous aside other things we’ve prayed for financial help and he it is on my dad’s hand, we were so happy and guess what 🤔 my Mom made Christmas soup and we ate will that evening; my Mom knows how to cook very well but she doesn’t cook well most times because no money to even buy food stuffs and spices but when there’s money, forget it🤐.

Note that the money was not gonna be enough to pay my younger siblings fees.

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