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The Power of Grace “CHAPTER 4”

The time came for me to enroll for SSCE, it was gonna be one of the most challenging moments in my life and family because, my parents couldn’t pay my school fees as a student.

One morning on the assembly ground, the  school principal threatened that if I don’t pay the whole of the money I’m owing, they wouldn’t enroll me in their school.

I had no other option and that was the only school I can enroll because I don’t have the whole money to pay.

My Mom and Dad tried all means possible, they all borrowed from friends and colleagues to see to it that I write the exam, by now the money they were owing was already enough but because of no other option, they had to borrow again, still it was not enough to cover the exam.

As time went by,I was becoming more discouraged and hopeless about writing the exam.

It was very painful for me seeing other children jumping and preparing really hard for the exam, I was just there not knowing what to do, either to read for the exam or to forget about the exam because I have not registered so not qualified to take the exam.

And time for enrollment closure was getting closer and closer sending discouraging messages to me every now and then.

So something happened one day…..

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