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Saturday was like 50 years in my eyes when my day mentioned it to me after the call on Wednesday 😩😩

I can’t wait for Saturday to be here. Finally it was Saturday, my Dad got dressed, ready to go out,by now my mom was already at her business so it was basically I and my siblings that were left at home.

So while my Dad was living, I was just praying in my heart that things should just work fine even if it means he’s gonna lend the money to my Dad, let it just happen because I can’t afford to miss this exam 😔…

My Dad finally got to this well furnished house that his friend stays, of course my Dad is not the type that is easily carrried away with what is not his so he maintained his cool.

When he got inside, he was give a nice and warm welcome by his friend and family, his friend has a son that’s about the age of his daughter Julia, who also wants to take the same exam too….

After greeting each other very well, they proceeded to talk about family, it was at this point my Dad opted that him and his friend talks in private that there’s something he needed to tell him😋😉

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