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when they got to more like another room with sitting room kind of setting, they stopped and sat down to discuss.

There my Dad opened up to him about his work, family, the people he’s owing and even the exam of Julia his first daughter.

After hearing the whole story which got his friend almost crying, the friend promised to help out in any way possible.

He said first he was gonna help him with work, give him money to enroll for his daughter’s  exam and also sponsor the girl in her higher institution.

When my Dad heard this he could not believe it he cried and shouted such that the friend’s wife came to check what was happening and discovered that they were good.

When he got home with this unusual joy, this time or intense than the first time he met this friend of his.

This time he didn’t allow them to even guess because of the joy.

He just bursted the news to them and the whole house was almost crumbling with Joy and tears, they could not help it but let the tears of joy flow .

Soon enough their debt were over cause Dad was now doing a good job that paid lots more than the previous.

Who would have thought that God had this awesome plan for me and the entire family. God Grace did it for my family

Thank you Jesus….!

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