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Have always heard people talk about GRACE but it never got to me or even at least make sense until..

My name is JULIA, I’m from a family of three. Two girls and one boy. My Dad is a government employee while my mom is a business woman. My Dad being a government worker or more precisely a civil SERVANT, we often live on what he brings home and the most happy moments in the family is when my Dad is paid his salary which is usually either half of the other month.

Times when my Dad is owed three months salary will be some times the most miserable times in the family too where we can bearly eat well and my mom’s business is not so big a business to eat from for a whole month by a family of 5 persons. So when my Dad is not paid then he results to borrowing from friends and colleagues,my Dad owed people more than even federal government of Nigeria 😂,though non was his fault.

While growing up, to pay my school fees was a very big problem, I will owe the school for like two terms, then the school will send me out because I have not paid my fees my parents will beg and promise, they will allow me to write exams but no result policy will now come against me. It got so bad that there were times, for like three terms I will not bring not a single report card home for my parents to access my performance in school, they didn’t know if I was doing well, if I failed or passed. 😔

Though I was and have always been a very brilliant child. My family poor background affected me and my future such that when children like me are talking about future; the institution they will attend, the place they would work and such, I couldn’t because of the poverty ravaging my family.

All my thoughts about my future was to just leave the school and the poverty. Don’t forget that in the poverty, my parents gave birth to the other two siblings who were to go through the same process I went through 😩

One day something happened…..😁


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