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My Dad came back home smiling.

Note: My Dad never comes back home smiling except he has been paid at work or he has borrowed money from someone, Else he’s always Moody and it’s very tiring so much that the reason we go welcome sometimes is because we just have to do it as kids. So this very faithful day, my Dad came back home smiling and for us that’s our Christmas day so we welcomed him and when we got inside he told everyone to sit down of which we all say down waiting for him to break the good news to us.

When we were done settling down, he told us to guess and of course you know what all our guesses were. 😉 He said we all failed the test and we were all surprised looking at him like he wants to whine us. 😂

We became more curious to know what actually happened at work today and note that we were already out of options because of our shallow minds and also undermining what God can do; you can’t blame us because the condition in the family has condition everyone to think and act in a particular way.

Now he was settled and ready to break the news to us😩


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