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There are binds far greater than the ones people put on us, these are the ones we put on ourselves.

A whole lot happens when you tell yourself “I cannot do it” or “nothing is impossible”. The human mind is one of the strongest determinants of success, and even the holy Bible attests to this:

– Keep your heart (mind) with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life – KJV Proverbs 4:23.


Please note, the scripture does not say “the issues of life comes Into the heart (mind)“, instead it says “OUT of it are the issues of life”


Every great Invention, world-known achievement and law laid down for the benefit of mankind….. Every terrorist attack, theft, or rape starts from the mind.


You can have a bank account overflowing with cash, and people willing to work for you on the best project idea yet , but once your mind starts telling you to rethink it because it’s impossible…. All of that becomes dust.


Failure is not just the result of work badly carried out, it is the opposite of a positive mindset. When you find it hard to think good thoughts, failure is automatically guaranteed.


There’s so much you can accomplish when your mind is positively open.


The mind sets your limits, but can also help you break loose.


Stop imagining the worst that could happen, the heaviest success sinker is the one within you.

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