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There is a lot more to “looking good” apart from a stunning outfit and dazzling accessories. A shabby hairstyle can jeopardize all the make-up in just a matter of seconds.

Forget the hairdos on the Internet, what looks good on others might be catastrophic on you. So in respect to this fact, there are a few things to think about before deciding on which hairstyle suits you best.


1. Head shape

This is a very serious factor affecting looks. It is important that you keep the shape of your head at the back of your mind before making your hairstyle or haircut (as this applies to both men and women). Haircuts, for example, are especially more sensitive than any other hairstyle.


2. Body size

A fat, slim, curvy, short, tall or average body build determines how good a hairstyle will look on you.


3. Hair type

A relaxed hair generally makes all braided hairstyles look chic, while a natural one is best suited for up-do’s. Also consider frontal hairs and hair color, including its texture and length.


4. Braiding Material

An instance of this is braids made with materials such as wool/yarn, which usually look and feel very bogus when styled, but fabulous when let loose (this depends on the number of braids though) while other hair attachments may give a bouncy feel and more manageable braids, Not to mention more shine.

Think carefully about the braiding material that will be all you.


5. Skin color

Your skin color works hand in hand with the color of the chosen braiding material. Dark people should try to avoid extremely bright and shouty colors, while avoiding very dark ones at the same time.

Light persons have more advantage here actually.


7. Hairstylist

No matter how good the sample hairstyle looks, a bad hairstylist can make one regret his/her choice. Take your time with this, get someone you can trust with your hair health and look.


Other factors are; cost, comfort, weather and the occasion.

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