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Shiny, black, long healthy looking hair is often an attestation to general body health.
How the hair is maintained sometimes contributes to looking good or looking shabby.
It is proven that healthy long hair tends to boost confidence, especially among the fair sex.

To fix some of your hair problems, tryout the following steps:

• MASSAGE – Massaging the scalp, can be used in conjunction with hair oils and masks, it stimulates the scalp and may improve hair thickness. It is believed that stretching during the massage encourages hair growth and thickness in the dermal papilla cells, which are located in the bottom of the hair follicle. And they play a key role in the formation of hair, hair growth, and the shedding and regrowth cycle.

• ALOE-VERA – Aloe Vera has long been known for treating hair conditions including hair loss and dandruff. It also unblocks hair follicles that might have been blocked by the usage of excess oils, to help hair grow faster.
Apply twice or thrice a week on your hair, and try using as a leave in conditioner after washing the hair. For better results, hair products containing aloe-vera can be used too.
Be sure to use a sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfates are harmful chemicals that can gradually damage your hair, Black hair is brittle and frizzy, so not every type of shampoo would suit it.
For example, using a shampoo with sulfates, will make your hair become more frizzy and dry, therefore exposing it to harsh weather conditions that could lead to hair breakage. The best shampoo consists of natural oils, as they can make the hair grow faster, while keeping it soft and sleek.

• AVOID USING BLOW DRYERS (OR ANY HEAT TOOLS) – it is advisable to let your hair dry naturally. A blow dryer can damage the hair, as the probability of causing it to burn, become withered and eventually fall is very high. It is okay to use it once or twice a month, but using it daily is not recommended at all.

• AVOID EXCESSIVE HAIR WASHING – Excessive washing rids the hair of its natural oils, this is not saying you should not wash your hair, but try to limit it to maybe thrice a month.

• RICE WATER – the best way to extract rice water that’ll be used for the hair is soaking raw rice in clean water for up to 24hrs. Then sieve and use as a leave-in conditioner after washing your hair. Do not leave for up to 18 hours, to avoid bacterial growth and scalp irritation.
If this is done well, you should start noticing results after 2 weeks.

• TRY OUT PROTECTIVE HAIRSTYLES – check out protective hairstyles that suits your hair type, whether you’ve got kinky or naturally soft hair. Note that keeping your hair for an extended period of time without braiding might cause hair loss.
Likewise, If you keep your hair in the same style for too long, damage can also be probable.

• ONION WATER – If you can endure the stink, onion water can actually be one of the best hair growth hacks. You can extract it using a squeezer or simply a blender. Chop the onions and blend into a paste, then pour it unto a cheesecloth to drain the water. You could also add a little proportion of lemon juice. Use the mixture to massage your scalp and spread evenly throughout the hair and leave for about 30mins, then wash with natural hair shampoo to lessen onion stink.
You can also help your hair grow naturally by:
• Knowing your hair type
• Eating healthy
• Protecting the ends of your hair
• Buttering up your hair
• Making use of Spritz
• Getting enough sleep
• Consuming enough water
• Rubbing hair oils frequently and
• Investing in leave-in conditioners

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