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Most people find it difficult to get the right word to use at the right time, these words earn you respect from other people. You may think they are just everyday, ordinary word that does have any meaning!!! They are really golden on anyone who said at the right time to the right person.

The words may sound like they commonst and over used one by human being, yet they perform wonders. Naturally everyone wants to be appreciated no matter how little he/she has done say it with a smile that’s all it takes to make someone’s day knowing he/she is appreciated.


Quite a nice word to say, say the word as much as you can to your loved one. The word carries weight and plays a vital role in relationship and marriage. Say it to your friend’s relation and your children at any time. Although sometimes people find it difficult to say the word perhaps because Africa culture believes it is too much of a romantic word. Don’t feel shy to say it at the right time to the right person


This is just an apology so say it when you offer and let it be from the bottom of your heart when it is said it won’t hurt you but will earn you more respect it will clear your conscience like a soothing balm to injury it has power to set a mind free of disease of heart such as malice. In any case it cost really nothing but rather resolves trouble whose end no one can really say.


It’s a word that can cajole any one to dance to your tune, don’t think there’s anyone too young or too old for you to use the word make it a habit to use the word as often as you can.


Let your consciences prick you whenever you hurt someone knowingly do not hesitate to ask for forgiveness. It may make you feel uncomfortable never mind ask for it before it too late. Never say out of duress but with honestly.


Say hi to people you pass on the way and those you meet at events, friendship starts from a simple hello and grows with time. A simple hello could help you to find answer to your question, solve puzzle to you and bring your dreams closer.

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