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Good day Amazing Fans, we are Jesnaija and in today’s episode Celebrity Gist and Gossip, we are here with one of the fast rising art, who have contributed alot to the growth of the industry. So relax as we talk some deep secret about him.

QUESTION 1: can we meet you (what’s your full name and stage name?)

ANSWER: Sure my name is Michael Ovey Pius (Stage name Mic Man Pius)


QUESTION 2: Where are you from?

ANSWER: Am from Nasarawa State.


QUESTION 3: ok! When did you start up music as a career?

ANSWER: Professionally, I started music 2014.


QUESTION 4: What motivated you into it?

ANSWER: As a young kid I have always loved music, and you know a lot of things have been happening around so I felt I could use music to speak for my people and spread love and inspiration.


QUESTION 5: Amazing! Who’s your favorite celebrity artiste?

ANSWER: Burna Boy straight up


QUESTION 6: Wow! Great. Which of the celebrity is your crush?

ANSWER: Tems bby…


QUESTION 7: Are you single or married?

ANSWER: Am not single and am not married, but am in a relationship.


Jesnaija: Which means you are dating?

Mic man: Yeah I’m in a relationship…


QUESTION 8: Which of the big art have you worked with?

ANSWER: I haven’t worked with any yet… Am still here tryna push myself to the top


QUESTION 9: This is so great… in the industry, what is your biggest fear?

ANSWER: Mehn I dey fear o I swear, like I have invested a lot in this music biz and make person no come blow ahh. If na talent I know say I get am but u know 9ja na u need more than just talent to blow so my biggest fear is what if I don’t blow? But I know say God dey sha but as human beign wey I been I still dey pray make e be sure way for me and my guys


Jesnaija: God will sure make a way for u

Mic man: Amen!!! O my brother


QUESTION 10: Do you have any secrets concerning yourself you will want us to know?

ANSWER: Nothing o am just me! Mic Man Pius that’s all you need to know I no get any secrets as I dey like this am a free man


Jesnaija: Correct…


QUESTION 11: At the cost of pursuing your career, how many states have you visited?

ANSWER: I have been to like 5 to 6 states in Nigeria… Because of this music biz and it has been great


QUESTION 12: Amazing… Are you a student or into business?

ANSWER: Am into business, am an artist/artiste I draw, I paint and I customize T-Shirts


Jesnaija: God bless your hustle

Mic man: Amen brother


QUESTION 13: Do you have any competitor in the industry? If yes who?

ANSWER: Menh I no dey see anybody o na only myself I dey see, I create my own sound and I do my things no be competition I come do


QUESTION 14: What do you think you can do to improve Nasarawa State Entertainment Industry?

ANSWER: Ahhh there’s a lot of works to be done in this state o to make the entertainment industry grow, and as I dey like this I just dey focus on how to push myself and my craft to the world so that when I finally blow I fit make some kind settings like that wey fit epp my state grow


QUESTION 15: ok sir… Finally! What’s your advice for both upcoming and your mate in the industry?

ANSWER: make we dey work and keep writing good songs let’s all keep grinding an keep praying, God na the surest plug ever… May God help and bless us all


Jesnaija: ok! So we’ve come to an end of the interview for today

Mic man: thanks guys


Jesnaija: on behalf of Jesnaija, we want to sincerely appreciate your time and effort to make this interview a success. We wish you all the best in your career. Hoping to have you here again and again. Thank you and have a good night rest

Thank you and remain bless



  1. Lahi

    April 15, 2021 at 4:47 pm

    Micman you’re indeed a very talented dude keep pushing God no go shame us
    God bless jesnaija

  2. Sirwiz

    April 15, 2021 at 9:20 am

    It’s a thrilling interview. Uplifting!

  3. Artillery Linx

    April 14, 2021 at 10:41 pm

    Musically, Micman Pius knows the right button to activate my active nature. He’s a ton of vibes and more.
    Thumbs up Jigga with the microphone and studio know-how.

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