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Jesnaija: Good evening amazing fans

I am your favorite host and in today’s episode, we got someone really amazing. So let’s get down to today’s business

Hi Cyk Dee welcome to Jesnaija, we’re all honored to have you as our guest artiste for this week exclusive interview,

Question 1: Hello Cyk Dee can we meet you?  (What’s your full name)

Cyk Dee: Yo my name is Oyeka Epawoza Gabriel

Jesnaija: Great!

Question 2: How did the name Cyk Dee comes to existence?

Cyk Dee: Lol Cyk Dee Na big name

Jesnaija: Lol… Yeah Cyk Dee na big name

Cyk Dee: The name  Cyk Dee …. Each word from this has it’s meaning like this

C – Cure

Y – your

K – Knowledge


D – Don’t

E – Eliminate

E – Entertainment

That’s how I got the name

Jesnaija:  Wow! Dat’s amazing

Question 3: Where are you from?

Respond: Yea I’m from Nasarawa State based in Lafia

Jesnaija: wow! That’s nice

Question 4: When did you start up music as a career?

Cyk Dee: Around 2018 that’s when i started recording though I was a Freestyle Rapper for some year’s before then…smiles

Jesnaija: Wow! Amazing…

Question 5: what motivated into music?

Respond: Omo plenty things motivated me ohh… laughs

Jesnaija: Dat’s great, do u mind telling me few… laughs

Cyk Dee: Yes sure I love music from little and I was a dancer from little also so as I was growing I now know what music really is so I decided to do music

And also I love watching artiste performing on Tv (Television) so I now said to myself since I can dance I will do music that I’ll dance to

Jesnaija: Dat’s cool… I love your motivation

Question 6: As an artiste what are your future aims?

Respond: My future aims are for music to pave way to the whole world because to be heard worldwide is the main goal bro…. And I promise if there is life na hit back 2 back oh… laughs

Jesnaija: Very impressive… may God see you through

Cyk Dee: Amen…

Question 7: Who’s your celebrity crush, if I may ask?

Respond: Mumy Jamil (Tiwa Savage)

Jesnaija: Awwwn

Question 8: Are you single, married?

Respond: Very single

Jesnaija: Seriously, but you are in a relationship?

Cyk Dee: Nope I still they hustle… laughs

Jesnaija: Wow! This is amazing

Cyk Dee: Yes bro na who get strength they love oh

Jesnaija: Lol…

Question 9: What’s your favorite meal?

Respond: Pounded Yam and nice Egusi soup… smiles

Jesnaija: Wow! Dat’s delicious… I guess you can prepare it?

Cyk Dee: Yes bro my mama no makes me dull for kitchen oh

Jesnaija: Dat’s amazing

Question 10: Which of the big artiste have you worked with?

Respond: Still planning on that bro

Jesnaija: Okey, all the best

Cyk Dee: Yea Thank you

Jesnaija: We still having not less than 15 question before we go

Cyk Dee: Okay we’re good

Question 11: if you are opportune to feature one celebrity artiste, who will you go for?

Respond: Naira Marley

Jesnaija: Wow, I guess he’s your role model

Cyk Dee: Yea he is

Jesnaija: Dat’s great

Question 12: describe your worst performance. What did you learn from this experience?

Respond: The power went off due to lack of enough fuel

Jesnaija: Shitt heartbreak

Cyk Dee: I swear, I almost get mad

Jesnaija: Ok, let’s move to our next question

Question 13: In the industry, what’s your biggest fear?

Respond: My biggest fear is to be at the top and fall back to my starting point… So I’m planning my beginning well

Jesnaija: That’s everybody’s fear… God will see you through in all you do

Cyk Dee: amen…..

Question 14: do you have any secret concerning yourself?

Respond: I want to give the best sound and always give hit dats my secret

Jesnaija: Wow! I love it

Question 15: How many states have you visited, at the cost of pursuing your career?

Respond: three… (Abuja, Makurdi and Nasarawa)

Jesnaija: Wow that nice

Question 16: Are you a student or into business?

Respond: I graduated this year

Jesnaija: Wow! Congratulations

Cyk Dee: yoo thanks

Question 17: Do you think you could get any better as a musician? And if so, how would you achieve that?

Respond: Yea, By working more hard, And pray for grace because God over everything

Jesnaija: Awesome… wish you the best

Question 18: Do you have any competitor in the industry? If yes WHO?

Respond: I don’t have any I’m just doing me and that’s the best for any Artiste I think

Jesnaija: Nice one… We are almost done

Question 18: What do you think you can do to improve Nasarawa State Entertainment industry?

Respond: Love and help any growing Artiste that comes my way I think in my stage that’s what I can do for now

Jesnaija: Ok, that’s nice of you

Question 19: So are you preparing any song for your fans?

Cyk Dee: Yea summer Songs they… They just have to be a little bit patient

Jesnaija: Wow, can’t wait for this banger coming

Question 20: What’s your advice for both upcoming and your mates in the Industry?

Respond: They shouldn’t give up even though it is not easy for the youths now

They are caught between hustling for money and schooling and same time coping with their career it’s not easy but they should always work hard and pray hard because with God all things are possible

I pray we see at the top strong and they should stay away from hard drugs SAY NO TO DRUGS

Jesnaija: Great advice

Question 21: How can your fans reach to you?

Respond: Via my social media handles (Facebook – Cyk Dee, Instagram – Iam_Palazzo)

And for bookings my email

Jesnaija: Nice one, lastly… One word for Jesnaija media team

Cyk Dee: Shout out to Jesnaija media team for given me this platform I pray that God will provide Radio station for u guys soon

Jesnaija: Amen…..

Thank you Cyk Dee for taking your time to be part of today’s interview. We Love and celebrate you sir, do have a great day, is nice having you

We hope to start having your songs blogged on Jesnaija. A Link to this interview will be sent to you, so you can share to your fans. We wish you the best in your career and everyday endeavors

Cyk Dee: God bless you all I still remain Cyk Dee

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1 Comment

  1. Legent

    August 14, 2021 at 4:40 pm

    Cyk Dee yah doing well

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