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Jesnaija: Hello Jaygyari welcome to JESNAIJA

Jaygyari: Thank you sir, I’m honoured to be here

Jesnaija: We’re all honoured to have you

Jaygyari: Awwwn

Jesnaija: Good day Amaizing fans, we are Jesnaija and in today’s episode of Celebrity Gist and Gossip, we are here with one of the fast rising art, who have contributed a lot to the growth of the industry. So relax as we talk some deep secret about her.

Question 1: Hello “Jaygyari” can we meet you? (What’s your full name and stage name)?

Response: I’m “Jessica Gyari” Stage name Jaygyari”

Jesnaija: Wow! That’s lovely

Question 2: How did the name Jaygyari come to existence?

Response: Uhmmm the Jay came from Jessica” then Gyari” my tribal name. smile

Jesnaija: Amazing… I love the name

Jaygyari: Thank you.

Jesnaija: Welcome

Question 3: Where are you from?

Response: I’m from Nasarawa State. Akwanga Local Government

Jesnaija: That’s nice, you must be one of Akwanga finest I guess… smile

Jaygyari: I guess so… smiles

Jesnaija: smiles…

Question 4: When did you start up music as a career?

Response: This year, January 2021

Jesnaija: Wow!!!

Question 5: What motivated you into it?

Response: Well. I’ve been singing since I was a child. But never really took it seriously until I got a little push this year

Jesnaija: Amazing…

Question 6: As a female artiste what are you future aims?

Response: Ehmmm, my future aims musically is to go real big and international. You all know how it is now

Jesnaija: yeah… may God give you the Grace, you will go to places

Jaygyari: Amen… Thanks

Question 7: What do you feel is the best song you’ve ever released and why?

Response: Niyola’s cover Toh Bad

Jesnaija: I guess I will go in search for the song. Did you blog the song or something?

Jaygyari: Is on my YouTube channel. Just search JayGyari and that’s it

Jesnaija: Alright, am just imagining your voice on the song… let have the 8 question

Question 8: Who is your favorite celebrity?

Response: John Bellion and Ric Hassani

Jesnaija: That’s lovely, I like Ric Hassani

Jaygyari: You know Good music then… Smiles

Jesnaija: Smiles…

Question 9: Which of the celebrity is your crush?

Response: I don’t think I have a celebrity crush

Jesnaija: Alright

Question 10: Which of the big art have you worked with?

Response: None for now, but soon hopefully

Jesnaija: Okay…

Question 11: If you’re opportune to feature one celebrity artiste, who will you go for?

Response: Kranium and Teni

Jesnaija: Wow!!! Teni one of my favorite artiste, I like Kranium too.

Am sure your fans will be expecting this someday

Jaygyari: Yeah, Yeah… by God’s grace

Question 12: Describe you worst performance, what did you learn from this experience?

Response: None for now… All my performances so far have been beautiful

Jesnaija: Wow! You are doing well

Jaygyari: Thank you

Question 13: Describe your favorite venue for performing?

Response: I like performing indoors

Jesnaija: Okay…

Question 14: In the industry, what is your biggest fear?

Response: Failure….

Jesnaija: Smiles… That’s everyone’s fear

Question 15: Do you think you could get any better as a musician? And if so, how would you achieve that?

Response: Yeah definitely, cos I learn new things everyday… Achieving that is just being consistent and continue learning

Jesnaija: That’s great

Question 16: Do you have any secrets concerning yourself?

Response: Not that I can remember. That’s because I’m very opened

Jesnaija: Ok…

Question 17: At the cost of pursuing your career, how many States have you visited?

Response: Few… Plateau State and FCT

Jesnaija: That’s lovely

Question 18: Are you a Student or into Business, or possibly working?

Response: I’m a Secondary School teacher, but I own a cleaning agency as well

Jesnaija: Wow that’s so amazing. Hustling and supporting your career. I love your passion

Jaygyari: Thanks…

Jesnaija: Let’s quickly have the 19 question

We will soon be rounding up

Question 19: Do you have any competitor in the industry? If yes who?

Response: Nah. Nobody yet

Jesnaija: Alright

Jaygyari: Yeah

Question 20: Any advice for the industry?

Response: To all my people in the industry, just keep pushing and stay consistent.

People are listening, Soon enough they’ll hear us out there

Jesnaija: yeah, I love this… it’s inspiring. Smiles…

Question 21: What do you think you can do to improve Nasarawa State?

Response: Push the name “Nasarawa” and make people know we have great talents here

Jesnaija: We believe in you and we are watching what you are doing. May God give you the enablement to put Nasarawa State to the World.

Jaygyari: Amen… Thanks

Jesnaija: One last question and we are done for today edition

Jaygyari: Bring it on

Question 22: If you had one message to give to your fans, what would that be?

Response: Thank you for the support, hypes, love I’m gonna make y’all proud real soon. Just keep supporting the girl.

Jesnaija: We love you… we are a big fan. Smiles…

Jaygyari: Thanks, I love y’all too

Jesnaija: Thank you for taking out your time to be part of today’s interview edition. We love and celebrate you.

Jaygyari: Thanks too

Jesnaija: One word for Jesnaija media team

Jaygyari: Thanks Jesnaija for having me, I’m very honored

Jesnaija: We hope to start having your songs blogged on Jesnaija. A link to this interview will be sent to you, so you can share to your fans. We wish you the very best in your career and everyday endeavors

Jaygyari: Amen and Thanks





Jesnaija is set to unleashed another mind blowing entertainment section in Nasarawa State.


This is to encourage those who have invested in the state industry to make it attractive.
Nasarawa Is our own.
Wait for it!!!

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