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Good day amazing fans

I am your favorite host and in today’s interview, we got someone really amazing.

So let’s get down to today’s business…


Question 1: Can we meet you (what’s your full name and stage name?)

Respond: I’m David Simon (Popularly known as Killerverse)

Question 2: Where are you from sir?

Respond: Kaduna State

Question 3: When did you start up music as a career?

Respond: Uhmm… 2017 officially.

Jesnaija: Wow! That’s great

Question 4: What motivated you into music?

Respond: I started by writing lyrics, Lil Wayne songs. As time went on I understood his music and I thought about creating mine until I got my style

Jesnaija: This is great !!!

Killer verse: Thank you

Question 5: Who is your favorite celebrity?

Respond: I’ll pick Rema

Jesnaija: Rema for the ladies (Laughs)

Question6: Are you single or married?

Respond: Am single

Jesnaija: Laughing….

Question 7: If yah opportune to feature one celebrity artiste, who will you go for?

Respond: I’ll go for OXLADE… I love his style so much

Jesnaija: Amazing…

Question 8: What’s your favorite meal?

Respond: Omoh GOOD FOOD (laughs) as long as it’s a good meal I don’t care (laugh)

Jesnaija: Laugh…

Question 9: In this industry, what is your biggest fear?

Respond: Truth is, I fear nothing, I have confidence in my sound and soon I’m going to be heard all over Nigeria then the world. As long as I understand my fans, I’m good

Jesnaija: This great

Question 10: At the cost of Pursuing your career, how many states have you visited?

Respond: Three states (Abuja, Kaduna, Nasarawa State)

Jesnaija: Great

Question 11: Are you a student or into business?

Respond:  I’m a student

Jesnaija: We gat you… we have four more questions to go

Killer verse: Okay hit me

Question 12: Any advice for the industry?

Respond: First understand your sound and master it

Understand your fans and give them what they want

Understand where you are, always remember where you come from and where you’re going to. Then it’s very important your next project gets better than the previous one I bet you’ll be heard soon

Jesnaija: Amazing…

Question 13: You had a project last, tell us about it and how many artiste did you featured?

Respond: The fire EP titled OGA LANDLORD which stands to be best today was a success because I understood my fanbase and knew they wanted something more than just singles then I thought about an EP and a title suitable for my fans (TENANTS).

I had to bring in artiste like WALE MAKAMA on a song BUGA which is a comical song and I saw the need for a comedian which I had my bro MC DANIEL in it.I thought about bringing in a popular artiste ZUMZY BROWN(lost him onTuesday, 4th May, 2021… May his Soul Rest in Peace.

We made a ginger hit song too titled JAPAand a party song featuring LEXZI-DRAY VAYA, I made a song titled which is a total vibe and a song people can relate too titled OGA MATHS TEACHER as a bonus track. I bet y’all go check out this EP OGA CHAIRMAN LANDLORD BY KILLER VERSE…

Jesnaija: Wow… this sound great

Killer verse: Thank you

Question14: how did the name KILLER VERSE come to existence.

Respond: It’s simple

When it comes to music mehn I’m a God. I just know how to do this thing

I had to pick a name that will represent who and what I am I’M KILLERVERSE

Jesnaija: Lovely… and if you don’t mind, we will love to blog one of your song on our website So please send us a DM with any of your song from the E

Killer verse: Alright I’ll get back to you about this.

Jesnaija: Thank you for been here. We hope to have you here again and again. Trust us, the whole JESNAIJA love you and your songs… Thank you so much.

Killer verse: Thank you Sir and thank you JESNAIJA for the recognition, looking forward to more conversations.

Bless u

Jesnaija: Thank you boss!!!

Killer verse: I forgot to tell you I’m single but I got a lady (smile….)

Jesnaija: My biggest motivation (laugh) we gat that and well captured

Killer verse: Thank you… have a good night rest.

Jesnaija: Thank you boss.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Cyk dee

    May 13, 2021 at 12:43 pm

    I really love this ❤💯 more Grace jesnaija

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