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Jesnaija: Good day Amazing Fans, we are Jesnaija and in today’s episode of Exclusive Interview,  we are here with one of the Jos based web developer. So relax as we talk some deep secret about him

Question 1: Can we meet you?  (what’s your full name and nickname)?

Respond: My name is KEFAS KINGSLEY CLEMENT GBUTEMU, most people know me as KC and CYBERKING

Jesnaija: wow!!!  That’s sound’s nice

KC: thank you

Question 2: How did the name KC and the CYBERKING come to existence?

Respond: Let me start with CYBERKING. It came to be as a combination of my name and cyber. I love surfing the internet from way back (since 2007), so Cyber being internet and King from Kingsley.

For KC, it was given to me by my friends and they got it from the initials of my two most used English names Kingsley and Clement.

Jesnaija: nice one

Question 3: Where are you from?

Respond: I’m from Taraba State but born and brought up here in Jos

Jesnaija: that’s cool

Question 4: When did you start Programing?

Respond: I actually started programming when I was in Primary 4 that is 2010.

Started with HTML, CSS and JavaScript – during the good old days of WAPKA, WEN.RU, XTGEM and few others.

Jesnaija: Wow!!! You must be tiny by then

KC: 😂😂😂 Not small… I was chubby then

Jesnaija: Let’s move to the next question

Question 4: When did you start programing as a career?

Respond: I started programming as a career in the year 2013. Even though I did other works before then, but the first notable work was in 2013 for Adolescent Health Empowerment and Development Initiative Nigeria (AHEAD-NG). I developed the organization’s website

Jesnaija: that’s good of you

Question 5: What motivated you into the coding world?

Respond: What motivated me into programming is my curiosity and love for technology.

I wanted to know how websites operate and how they are made, so that curiosity was my driving force to go into programming.

Jesnaija: I love your passion

Question 6: As a developer what are your future aims?

Respond: Uhm… My future aims is actually one, so I will say aim.

My aim is to build solutions to real life problems. That is what programming is all about.

Jesnaija: May God help u in achieving that

Question 7: What was the best software or website you developed and why?

Respond: Lol… This question is funny and I will start with saying my best software is a Hello World App.

That is basically what most developers start with, a simple app that displays Hello World.

Okay, jokes apart, my best software is a GUI based YouTube Downloader. I developed it using Python and Tkinter module.

For website, it is a complete digital classroom with e-learning features.

Jesnaija: that awesome

Question 8: is there any successful developer you’re crushing on?  If yes who?

Respond: “Programmers have no life”, that is what they say and it is simply because we are busy creating one solution or the other and if not creating, then we are fixing bugs, so we have no time to date.

It’s funny right…

But I have a girlfriend, I am dating and her name is Blessing Shinvel Kesuwo – love of my life.

Jesnaija: wow!!! Wish you all the best in your relationship

Question 9: My favorite meal, it’s tough to decide…

Respond: Pounded yam with Egusi soup and Spaghetti.

Just don’t know which to go for, but I enjoy them bought even though I am a foodie

Jesnaija: I just hope you can prepare it

Question 10: Best developer I’ve worked with??

Respond: I haven’t really done a lot of collaborative development but Aavesh Jilani, the creator of Dragon Programming Language and Co-founder of Citrine Programming Language

Jesnaija: that’s great

Question 12: what was the worst software or website you’ve developed

Respond: Worst website is MKLOADED, a forum web application.

Question 13: how was the stress you’ve encountered during that time?

Respond: The stress was much… Sleepless nights just to develop something that I myself don’t like, but it was worth it.

I didn’t really had much skills then, but MKLOADED project helped to boost my understanding on some parts of Server-side Programming

Question 14: in the coding world, what’s your biggest fear?

Respond: My biggest fear is to wake-up one day and there is no more Google or Stack overflow. Lol

Jesnaija: impossible future tense (laughs)

Question 15: Do you think you could get any better as a developer? And if so, how would you achieve that?

Respond: Yes, I think I would be better, everyday…

To achieve that, I just need to keep practicing, making adjustments and being up-to-date with any updates on the technologies I use

Question 16: do you have any secrets concerning yourself?

Respond: Secrets? 🤔🤔

Except for the fact that I am awesome, I don’t have any secrets… Oh! Please don’t tell anyone I said that, it is actually a secret 😂😂…. My life is an open book shas

Question 17: at the cost of pursuing your career, how many states have you visited?

Respond: Just one state, FCT… And here Jos

Question 18: are you are student or into

Respond: I am a student of the prestigious University of Jos but also a freelancer and the CTO of GiffiIt Logistics

Question 19: Do you have any competitors in the field?

Respond: I have a lot of competitors and all developers are my competitors, even though we are not into any competition.

But never to forget AI, they are learning to code now, so they are my biggest competitors. In a competition with a Robot ☹️☹️

Question 20: In how many languages do you code?

Respond: 5 Programming Languages:

  1. Python
  2. PHP
  3. JavaScript
  4. Ruby
  5. SQL

3 Markup Languages

  1. HTML
  2. XML
  3. XHTML


Jesnaija: yah doing great

Question 21: what is your best programming language and why?

Respond: JavaScript

Just AIs who are learning to code

Jesnaija: that’s nice

Question 22: can you give us some list of the software and website you’ve developed?

Respond: Softwares:

  1. GitSize
  2. Learning Management System
  3. URL to IP converter
  4. JPG to PNG converter
  5. Camera App
  6. YouTube Video Downloader


  1. AdsLancing
  2. Core classroom
  3. GiffiIt
  4. AllFood Kitchen
  5. FirstPay
  6. Learning Management System

And others

Jesnaija: wow, that’s quite much

Question 23: what are some of the challenges you encounter during programming?

Respond: The challenges I mostly encounter during programming are slow network and lack of adequate electricity.

Every other problem I encounter is from laziness

Jesnaija: stress cause laziness

KC: it sure does

Question 24: Have you been depressed on the process of programming?

Respond: Yes, it is very common for programmers to feel depressed.

We have the imposter syndrome and burnout. These two feelings always caught up with programmers

Jesnaija: I can begin to imagine it

KC: you better start getting ready

Question 25: what do you think you can do to improve Nigeria Developers Skills

Respond: Providing them with resources.

Gadgets and good courses. I know some very promising young developers who do not have a computer and that is really weighing them down

Jesnaija: nice plan, I love this thank You

Question 26: so what’s your advice for both upcoming and your mate that are into developing?

Respond: My advice is to keep pushing, no matter what.

We can all be the next Bill Gates only if we don’t give up

Jesnaija: yea sure

Jesnaija: how can your fans reach to you?

I can be reached using any of the means below:

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:
  • GitHub:
  • WhatsApp/Call: 08038752155 (+234 if necessary)

Jesnaija: wow, nice… Lastly one word for jesnaija media team

Respond: Teamwork and dedication will get you anywhere

Jesnaija: it’s really nice having you

KC: the pleasure is all mine

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1 Comment

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