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Good day Amazing Fans, we are Jesnaija and in today’s episode of exclusive Interview, we are here with one of the Abuja based Artiste. So relax as we talk some deep secret about him.

You’re officially welcomed sir.

Can you please say hi to your fans before we proceed?

Elvis OG: Hi fans

Jesnaija: Thank you very much.

Now to the interview in proper

Question 1: Can we meet you? What’s your full name and stage name

Respond: It’s a pleasure being here… My name is Elisha Goodness

And I go with the stage name ELVIS OG

Question 2: How did the name ELVIS OG come to existence?

Respond: First, then I loved listening to an American rapper named Elvis, though he is a gospel rapper, so for the love I have for his music I then decided to change mine to Elvis, I then added the OG to make it sound unique

Jesnaija: wow pretty good

Question 3: Where are you from?

Respond: I’m from kaduna State, Jaba local government to be precise

Jesnaija: ok that’s cool

Question 4: When did you start up music as a career?

Respond: I started music as a carrier in 2017

Jesnaija: Okay that’s a good start

Question 5: what first got you into music?

Respond: At first I used to lisping lot of raps songs, like that of Eminem, Buster Rhymes and Lil Wayne, I was very good at that, so I decided to try writing my own lyrics which wasn’t easy at first…but now here am I today, a rapper…

Jesnaija – Wow… i like the part where you lisping

It’s really cool and gladder you had to write your own songs

Elvis OG– thanks for that

Question 6: Who inspired you to make music?

Respond: My class mates then in SS3, I was good at rap, so they normally ask me to help them feel their rap and try to add some flows to it, though by then I wasn’t officially into music as a carrier… So when I saw how good I was doing that for them, I decided to start writing my own tracks

Jesnaija: I like that!!! More grace

Elvis: thank you

Jesnaija: you are welcome

Question 7: How would you describe the music that you typically create?

Respond: Well I would describe my kinda music as motivational and inspirational kind of song, cus I put my best into it which shows reality of life

Jesnaija: this is amazing

Question 8: As an artiste, what are your future aims?

Respond: Lot to say, but the major aim here is to be at the top spot, comfortably sit with Celebrities and be on every billboard and top chart as one of the biggest artist in Africa and beyond

Jesnaija: Everything’s achievable with hard work!!! You’ll get there most definitely

Elvis OG: Amen!!! Thanks for that

Jesnaija: The next question I’m about to ask you might favor your female fans so get ready to answer it

Elvis OG: alright then

Question 9: What is your relationship status?

Elvis OG: (Dating) Am in a relationship at the moment

Jesnaija: Awwnn, You’re breaking hearts right now😁

Elvis OG: Lol…

Jesnaija: So who is this amazing person you’re dating? Your fans will like to know

Elvis OG: Lol, Kinda difficult to mention that out here, would just keep that to myself and her

Jesnaija: Okay… Wish you the very best in your relationship

Elvis OG: I appreciate that

Question 11: Are you a student or into business?

Respond: Just graduated from college last year, though I’m looking for admission, so for now kinda into business, I’m a web programmer and site developer

Jesnaija: alright

Question 12: Is music your career or you just love music?

Respond: I’m professionally into music. Chosen that as a carrier

Question 13: Why do you prefer music as a career than others?

Respond: That’s For the love I have for music, I’m very good at that, God gave me as talent so I’m basically into it with no fear of anything

Jesnaija: wow real good

Question 14: What would you be doing right now if it wasn’t for your music career?

Respond: Honestly I don’t know what I would have been doing right now, because from the very scratch I love entertainment, so my life is just all about the entrainment lifestyle

Jesnaija: That’s so much passion in one person

Elvis OG: yeah

Question 15: Who would you most like to collaborate with?

Respond: Davido and Dremo

Jesnaija: Okay great

Question 16: In the industry, what is your biggest fear?

Respond: My biggest fear in the industry is not to hit the right places where I expect and also not to be heard round the world despite all effort and hard work…

Jesnaija: Alright, You’ve got a lot of work to conquer your fears then

Elvis OG: Yeah… Already working on that

Question 17: At the cost of pursuing your career, how many States have you visited?

Respond: Kaduna, Jos, Nasarawa, Abuja, Anambra and Enugu

Question 18: Which famous musicians do you admire?

Respond: Davido and Timaya

Jesnaija: cool

Question 19: How do you feel the internet has impacted the music business?

Respond: The internet has really done more than imagination; cus lots of artist right now gain money from the internet more than the events they are featured…. without the internet lots of music wouldn’t have been heard

Jesnaija: Very true, Thank you for enlightening us

Elvis OG: It’s a pleasure

Jesnaija: Okay sit tight and firm as we’re almost done with the interview but… .a few more questions before we go… Don’t get tired of us

Question 20: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

Respond: I would change how they abuse drugs on music videos, and use of naked girls will be limited on music videos…. there are many artist that hit million views without use of naked ladies, that has no positive impact, so I would change that

Jesnaija: Wow!! You just keep getting better…. We hope you get to achieve that

Elvis OG: amen

Question 21: Do you have any competitor in the industry? If yes who

Respond: Don’t have any, music is all about how good you are, everyone is better in he’s/her pattern of doing music, I’m the best when it comes to my own pattern, so I don’t think there’s any competitor

Question 22: So what is your advice for both upcoming and your mate in the industry?

Respond: No joy in giving up, I know it’s not easy, there’s a long way to go… buh all hope should be alive, Keep pushing and do the best you can… one day it will be a different story

Jesnaija: sure thing

Question 23: What is one message you will give to your fans?

Respond: They should believe in me, their support is the reason why I keep pushing I need everyone of them out there and I also promise to deliver the best I can

Jesnaija: Beautiful! Coming from an artiste like you

Now to the very last question for the day…

Elvis OG: thanks

Question 24: One word for Jesnaija media team

Respond: Thanks a lot, this means a lot to me

Keep the good work, it means a lot to every artist out there, wish every blogging site will be doing sessions like this…God bless jesnaija and the whole team…

Jesnaija: Thank you so much

It was nice having you here with us

Elvis OG: thanks too likewise

Jesnaija: A Link to this interview will be sent to you, so you can share to your fans. We wish you the best in your career and everyday endeavors

Have a great day

Elvis OG: Amennnnn!!! I really appreciate

Thanks to the Team

Jesnaija: Thank you for taking out your time to be part of today’s interview edition. We Love and celebrate you sir

We hope to start having your songs blogged on Jesnaija

Elvis OG: thanks alot… Looking forward to that



  1. Kalel

    September 1, 2021 at 10:36 pm

    Well base from the interview its a good start.
    He will make it 💯💓

  2. Adebola

    September 1, 2021 at 7:25 pm

    Elvis OG
    Am Soo proud of you Darling,may God grant you more strength to your elbow🙏, wish you all the best😇

  3. Josh

    August 31, 2021 at 7:21 pm

    Elvis yah doing good

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