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Good evening amazing fans, am your favorite host and in today’s episode of exclusive interview, we got someone really amazing a Gospel Singer, so let’s get down to today’s business…

Hi Mbawushi Daniels

Welcome to Jesnaija, we’re all honored to have you as our guest artiste for this week interview

Mbawushi: good evening everyone thank you all so much for this privilege

I’m honored

Jesnaija: welcome ma

Mbawushi: thank you

Question 1: can we meet you? Your full name and stage name.

Respond: I’m Daniels Joy, my stage name is Mbawushi

Jesnaija: wow!

Question 2: How comes about the name Mbawushi. I even thought it was male name, is it a tribal name or something?

Mbawushi: yes it’s a tribal name given to me by my grandfather

I just wanted to be unique, I didn’t wanna use a regular English name

Jesnaija: wow! That’s awesome

Question 3: where are you from ma?

Respond: I’m from Nasarawa State, Kokona Local Government Garaku (Tattara mada) to be precise

Jesnaija: mada tribe I guess

Mbawushi:yes sir, although I didn’t grow up there

I grew up at laminga, a small village before Nasarawa Toto

Jesnaija: that’s nice

Question 4: what’s your relationship status? Someone might be crushing

Respond: lolx… I’m in a relationship sir

Jesnaija: okay, with who if you wouldn’t mind letting us know

Mbawushi: lolx that I can’t disclose

Jesnaija: alright, I hope the person you’re dating doesn’t get disappointed after seeing the interview. Smile

Mbawushi: hahahahahaha he won’t

Question 5: when did you start up music as a career, and what got you first into music?

Respond: well… I’ve been singing since at the age of 11, and I loved music so much…

But I’ll say I took it serious 5years ago

When I met my spiritual father Apostle Muss Yahaya of Glorious Army Ministry Nasarawa, he opened me up to a lot of mystery (smile)

Jesnaija: wow! That’s amazing

Mbawushi: yes sir

Question 6: what education or training have you had that makes you fit for this profession as Gospel Singer?

Respond: Honestly none

I’ll say the Holy Spirit has been my teacher sir

Jesnaija: yeah, the Holy Spirit is the perfecter of all men, in him we are perfect

Question 7: Do you think you have enough experience as Gospel Singer?

Mbawushi: Well we learn everyday, but to some extend I’ll say base on how far God has taken me

Jesnaija: ok that’s nice

Question 8: What are your songs about? (what specific themes do they cover)

Respond: more light pls, I don’t get

Jesnaija: okay, what do your music speaks about when it comes to ministering to people

Mbawushi: Exaltation and the presence of God

Jesnaija: That’s lovely

Question 9: Do you write your own songs? (discuss the song writing process briefly)

Respond: I get my songs in the place of prayer, but I don’t write my own songs sir

I have a song writer

Jesnaija: wow! That’s lovely

Question 10: can we know the writer’s or it’s personal?

Respond: his name is Minister Stevesaxx

Jesnaija: wow! With just the name, I’ve start imaging the rhythm smile…

Mbawushi: lolx

Jesnaija: on yeah

Question 11: Aside music what else do you do for a leaving? (you earn from music?)

Respond: No sir… I’m a Banker

Jesnaija: Wow! Money! Money!! Money!!!

Mbawushi: But I plan going fully into music soon

Jesnaija: that will be Good, but ensure you save a lot for the journey ahead

Mbawushi: 100%

Question 12: what type of recording process did you use? Who produce your songs

Respond: my song was recorded by E-Keyz

Jesnaija: wow! I hope we have the song blogged on jesnaija

Mbawushi: smile

Question 13: why do you feel you will excel in your music career?

Mbawushi: wow… what a question!!!

Coz I’m focused, I’m consistent, I’m opened to learn new things and above all God gat me

Jesnaija: I love this, powerful

Mbawushi: thank you

Question 14: what’s your biggest weakness as Gospel Singer?

Respond: ummmmmmmmm known to God and he’s working on it in me daily

Jesnaija: that’s great

Question 15: tell me a difficult situation you have overcome in this music ministry?

Respond: smiles…..

Funny but really difficult

I’ve been able to overcome…

Jumping to the studio just because I got a song…

I understood there’s a time and season for every song and sometimes… it takes God years to give you the complete version or track

So that’s the understanding I have, a lot of people be like y do you have just these number of songs? Y don’t you have an album

Nooo… if you go follow people own eeh….. u go do wetin God no send u

Jesnaija: that’s absolutely true

I pray you the best

Question  16: are you financially able to fund the costs of establishing your career? (or you have a sponsor?)

Respond: no sponsor for now sir

Jesnaija: alright, we pray for one

Mbawushi: amen

Question 17: how did you sell your CD’s/Audio files? (consignment? Live sales? Itunes? CD Baby? Amazon? Tunecare? Through traditional distributors/stors?

Respond: consignment, itunes and stor

Jesnaija: wow! Your music can be accessed worldwide

Mbawushi: smiles

Question 18: what advice can you give to upcoming artiste and your colleague in the music industry?

Respond: I’m also upcoming ooo

For the upcoming and those already there, even though I believe no one is ever there cos God keeps birthing new things daily

We all be God focused

God focused

Jesnaija: greater grace ma

Question 19: can you say something to your fans?

Respond: to my fans

I love you all

Thank you so much for believing in me

I don’t take it for granted

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Jesnaija: We love you, am a fan too…

Just realize your song was blogged on Titled: Sarkin Runduna” since April this year

Mbawushi: yeah I don become landlady since (laughs)

Jesnaija: smiles

Question 20: say one word for jesnaija media team

Respond: thank you so much jesnaija, U guys are the best Una don do me plenty good good things.

And I’m eternally grateful… More of business your way

Jesnaija: amen

Thank you for taking out your time to be part of today interview, we entirely at jesnaija love and celebrate you

Mbawushi: thank you for the privilege

Jesnaija: wish you the best even as you keep pushing your music career.

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Good night, do have an awesome night




  1. Adamson Suleiman

    November 4, 2021 at 4:58 am

    My fake girlfriend is gradually becoming a Super Star. Keep pushing dear, just as you said here, the Lord got you and He won’t let you down. He will continue to strengthen you, guide and protect you as you strife to make it big in the industry.


  2. Haruna Joseph Maikeffi

    October 14, 2021 at 11:43 pm

    I honestly love your songs Mbawushi..
    Your songs are always inspirational, they carries lot of massage from God..
    I love you
    Will always be your number one fan

  3. Tanko Vincent Eni

    October 14, 2021 at 3:59 pm

    Thank you such much ma for always being a blessing…
    Thank you for the sounds (they are refreshing)
    So, I will stop crushing on you kena since you have a guy(😁)
    I love you regardless

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