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Jesnaija: Good day Amazing Fans, we are Jesnaija and in today’s episode of exclusive Interview, we are here with one of the Nasarawa based Artiste So relax as we talk some deep secret about him

You’re officially welcomed sir.

Can you please say hi to your fans before we proceed?

Yizwasi: Good evening everyone.

It’s YIZWASI Singer With Vibes.

Its Nice being here with Y’all  😊🙌🙏

Jesnaija: You are welcome to jesnaija

Yizwasi: Thank you

Jesnaija: To the interview in proper

Question 1: Can we meet you? What’s your full name and stage name

Respond: Yeah….

My name is Agidis Nnyezwasi Wudu Popularly known with the stage name Yizwasi

Jesnaija: okay that’s a nice one

Question 2: How did the name YIZWASI come to existence?

Respond:  Yizwasi Is The English Spelling Of Nnyezwasi.

So basically, Yizwasi Is My Real Name and was given to me by my parents.💯

Jesnaija: Pretty good

Question 3: Where are you?

Respond; From Gidinye Agyaragu Of Obi Local Government Nasarawa State.

Jesnaija: okay that’s a nice place

Question 4: When did you start up music as a career?

Respond: I started music as a career Officially Ending 2019.

Jesnaija: wow that’s a quit long time

Yizwasi: yeah yeah

Question 5: what first got you into music?

Respond: Mhennn…..It Just The Love For The Doings.

Got much passion for it✅

Jesnaija: Okay that’s good

Question 6: Who inspired you to make music?

Respond: My inspirations are from above ….

Looking at how my life is from where i am and all that,  it just an extra ordinary inspiration that lead to this…..


Jesnaija: I like that

Question 7: How would you describe the music that you typically create?

Respond: Souls Sounds…..Yeah Soul Sounds.

All my sounds are coming from my souls and that means a lot.

So without doubt,  i call my kind of music SOUL SOUNDS.

Jesnaija: I love the spirit

Question 8: As an artiste, what are your future aims?

Respond: I just wanna be successful, I mean Wanna Be A Sufficient Problem Solver from in and out of me

Jesnaija: Wow that’s a nice one for the future

Question 9: What is your relationship status?

Respond: (single) but Presently Dating MUSIC 😁

Jesnaija: wow!!!

Question 10: why single?

Respond: Mhennn…..I’m single because of a lot of reasons.

Mhennnnn….reasons choke.

But if I’m to round it off, i will say because i wanna FOCUS💯

Jesnaija; I like that because I love to focus also

Yizwasi: thank you

Question 11: Are you a student or into business?

Respond: a student

Jesnaija: Yeah that’s good education and a career at the same time, I love that

Question 12: Is music your career or you just love music?

Respond: Career with full chest…💯💯💯

I’m About doing a lot properly

Jesnaija: I love your vibe and focus

Question 13: Why do you prefer music as a career than others?

Respond: I got to know that one’s do better in the aspect he loves most.

So I gat much love for music which i know it is the aspect I’m ready to channel my energies into.

And I’m sure it gon’ be better and supper productive.

Jesnaija; bravo!!! That’s awesome

Question 14: What would you be doing right now if it wasn’t for your music career?

Respond: Focus to be the medical Laboratory Scientists i initially wished.

Jesnaija; Wow that’s also a good one you know

Question 15: Who would you most like to collaborate with?

Respond: Kizz Daniel (vado Tha Great) 😁🔥💓

Jesnaija: Wow that’s, one artiste I also love to listen to his songs

Question 16: In the industry, what is your biggest fear?

The Only Thing I Fear Is Death.

Respond: That’s what i fear most.  if not that we are successful already

Jesnaija: I like that, success comes from you faith and focus, towards your success

Yizwasi: yeah yeah

Question 17: At the cost of pursuing your career, how many states have you visited?

Respond: Just four; Jos, Bauchi and Benue

Jesnaija; Wow that’s impressive,

Keep it up bro

Question 18: Which famous musicians do you admire?

Respond: Wizkid💓💯💪

Jesnaija; Yeah his also a good musician, I also listen to his song but not much ….. Smile and I also heard that you looks like him lol 😂

Question 19: How do you feel the internet has impacted the music business?

Respond: To me, i feel it is the biggest positive thing that has happened to music business.

You know what i mean, Yeah?

Jesnaija: Yeah but I think it has impacted a lot by exposure of most music, all over the world

Yizwasi; That’s the point💯

It got people connected to ones craft worldwide

Jesnaija: Hag on we are coming to the end soon

Question 20: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

Respond: Mhennn….. i would change the criminal acts involved

Jesnaija: That’s a bold step,

Am strongly with you

Question 21: Do you have any competitor in the industry? If yes who

Respond; Nah…..I’m Just Unique and all about discovery my better version.

Jesnaija: Wow I do hope you get a better version and success in your career

Yizwasi: amen

Question 22: So what is your advice for both upcoming and your mate in the industry?

Respond; I will advice everyone to be fucose. That’s the best as an artist.

Keep your head up and work for your better version.

Keep being real and serious

Jesnaija: Wow I like that word of encouragement,

Is a nice one

Question 23: What is one message you will give to your fans?

Respond: Let them keep being prayerful……WE GON’ BE GRATE SOONEST.


Jesnaija; Yeah prayer and hard work is the key to everyone’s success

And lastly

Question 24: One word for Jesnaija media team

Respond; Mhennn….thank you guys for you efforts, I really do appreciate.

Keep on doing the great work….you guys gon’ be big soon.

Much Love

Jesnaija; Wow you are welcome

And we appreciate you for also taking out time to be here we us

Yizwasi; my pleasure guys 🙏

Jesnaija; We the jesnaija are really happy to have you in today’s interview

Yizwasi:  💗

Jesnaija; Thank you for taking out your time to be part of today’s interview edition. We Love and celebrate you sir

We hope to start having your songs blogged on Jesnaija.

Yizwasi; big love from here.

We are together

Jesnaija; alright do have a wonderful day



  1. Agwadu Prince jacob

    September 12, 2021 at 10:47 am

    Am always proud of him

  2. Ezekiel ayimadu peter

    September 9, 2021 at 7:23 pm

    Thanks To Jesnaija.Yizwasi Higher U Nasawara People Are Proud Of You.Yiznation Are Praying For Ur Success In Music Industry.Once Again I Give 6Gbosa To Jesnaija.Yizwasi Soonest Ur Songs Will Promoted In Naijaloaded,singerwiththevibes Higher U Never Give Up.

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