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Good day Amazing Fans, we are Jesnaija and in today’s episode Celebrity Gist and Gossip, we are here with one of the fast rising art, who have contributed a lot to the growth of the industry. So relax as we talk some deep secret about him.


Question 1: Can we meet you (what’s your full name and stage name?)

Respond: My name is Lot Sojah Alkali (popularly known as Mac Fabulawz)


Question 2: Where are you from sir?

Respond: Am Mada from Akwanga Nasarawa State, but grew and based in Southern Kaduna

Jesnaija: Wow Amazing


Question 3: When did you start up music as a career?

Respond: I started music officially towards the ends of 2017.

Jesnaija: Ok sir

Mac Fab: yeah


Question 4: What motivated you into music?

Respond: I naturally love music… when am doing any work; once the music is on I hardly get tired.

Things going on around me also motivate me to sing!

The likes of 2baba, Psquare, Dbanj motivated me!

Jesnaija: Amazing!!!

Mac Fab: Thanks


Question 5: What do you do aside music?

Respond: Presently, am a graduate waiting for NYSC, at the same time, taking care of my family businesses!

Jesnaija: Great


Question 6: Who is your celebrity is your crush?

Respond: My celebrity crush is DJ CUPPY…

Jesnaija: Awwwwn


Question 7: I’m sure your fans will love this question, because your status is confusing. Are you single or married?

Respond: Very funny… my relationship status is “DATING”

We are almost a year now. Only decided to update it recently and many were thinking that I started relationship with a new person… Not yet married, but when the time is due u will know

Jesnaija: Yea… I was one of them “Laugh” most definitely

Mac Fab: “Laugh”


Question 8: What’s your favorite meal?

Respond: Fried Rice, pounded yam with vegetable soup.

Jesnaija:Jesnaija: Delicious


Question 9: Aside Ozee, Which of the big art have you worked with?

Respond: I worked with Beejay but the song has not been released due to some technical fault…

I was opportune to work with a lot of good artistes on Naturally High Music Festival theme song.

Both the first and second edition… Ozee, Ninx B, Agbutun, Jprinz, Nas T Breed, Suspi, etc

Jesnaija: Wow… this means much I guess

Mac Fab: Yeah… and soon my collabo with Beejay will be out!


Question 10:  In the industry, what is your biggest fear?

Respond: I actually don’t have… coz am doing music for the passion…

If I make it big tomorrow through music, Na God

Jesnaija: Yea True


Question 11: Do you have any competitor in the industry? If Yes, Who?

Respond: Yes… I have only one competitor, His name is MAC FABULAWZ,

He always wants to be better than the way he sounds yesterday!!

Jesnaija: This is inspirational


Question 12: So what’s your advice for both upcoming and your mate in the industry?

Respond: Music is like spiritual, you don’t know which song will announce you to the world tomorrow,

Make every studio session count, try as much as possible to work with good producers that will help build and guide you. Make yourself your own competitor; support your fellow act if you are in position. Remember, the sky is big enough for everyone to fly.

Last but not the least… always pray for GRACE no matter how talented you are. You need grace!!! MUSIC IS SPIRITUAL

Jesnaija: Grace is all we need

Mac Fab: yeah!!


Question 13: Finally sir… How did the name “Mac Fab” came to be?

Respond: Before I started music… I used to fan one upcoming artiste by name “Mac D” from Southern Kaduna.

Then my stage name was just fabulous which means “Extremely Good”

I needed a unique name for my brand, that’s why I added the “Mac” which means “Cover”

“Mac Fab” means someone that is covered with goodness! (A Good Person)


Question 14: Should we expect any new single from you anytime soon?

Respond: I will be dropping an Ep soon.

The title is undisclosed for now but… expect good music

Already done writing the songs, only production left.

No more single from me this year, just wait for my EP

Jesnaija: Ok!!! So we’ve come to the end of the interview for today and on behalf of Jesnaija, we want to sincerely appreciate your time and effort to make this interview a success. We wish you all the best in your career. Hoping to have you here again and again. Thank you and have a good night rest.

Mac Fab: Thanks

Really appreciate this.

Stay blessed!

Jesnaija: We love you

Mac Fab: Love you too

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