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My name is Jes, and the story you are about to read is a Fiction and Nonfiction story about me, Annabelle and Miriam titled LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT

Enjoy as you read it through. Thank you (READ TO THE END)


I was taking a walk one lonely evening, while walking, I heard a sound of a horn, when I turned, I saw a pretty fear lady on a bicycle, she nearly hit me with the bicycle. I was totally confused to the extend I nearly fall, the lady on the bicycle stopped and smile at me, hi she said, sorry am learning bicycle, you nearly fall, it was all my fault. I told her no problem; I kept on moving, hey you!!! Are you angry? I smiled and told her no am not angry and kept moving, she shouted again Hey!!! Wait please, she dropped her bicycle and ran to meet me. Can we know ourselves please, am Annabelle she said, I smiled and replied am Jes. Where are you heading to, I told I don’t know, am just strolling around, ok…. Can we hangout somewhere, am actually lonely and I just needed some to talk to she said. I said ok that won’t be a problem but the challenge is you don’t even know me, what if I harm you or something, she smiled and said I believe you won’t harm me, I said ok. She majestically walked and picked her bicycle, we walked down a garden to chill, I told her I wasn’t having money and sincerely I wasn’t having money, I thought it was all this broke girls around, not knowing she wasn’t. She smiled and said I shouldn’t worry all bills on her, is this joke or something? I have never met a responsible girl like this I told myself. We gisted, and asked ourselves a lot of question to know each other better, I also told her about my failed relationship. I never knew Annabelle was falling in love already. (LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT) Can we be better friends? She asked, I told her we are better friend already, hope I will keep seeing you every day she said, I told her why not. I really enjoyed her company. We spent about 25k in total, wow! I shouted, is it too small she asked, I said no, I never thought you can afford such kind of money. I told her I wished this money was given to me, am totally broke. Why didn’t you tell me earlier she said, she requested for my account number, I told her I needed 5k to do something, she promise to send it to me, I told her thank you I really appreciate, today is one of the best day of my life, we all smile together. It was getting late she told me she have to go home before her Mom start calling, I walked her home, we stand in one Conner in her area, the place was getting darker she requested I give her a warm hug. Which I did, after receiving a 5 minute hug she wanted kissing me, I told her I can’t she sent me 5k.



I told her I can’t kiss you and I can’t use your 5k, moreover I don’t even love you. She sent another 5k



You just sent 10k? I will kiss you and even more as long you will keep sending me 10k I told her. But please don’t let anyone know about this I said. No…..! She exclaimed, why then am I sending the money to you if you don’t want anybody to hear about it she said. But we can still do it secretly and no one will know about it, I can even kiss you more than your request if we can do it secretly. Hmmmmm Jes am not just paying for the kiss I love you too, can’t you see it? I told her, I don’t want here anything about love I hate hearing about it, I was heartbroken severally. Jes….. Am a different girl, and my parents are rich; we can take care of ourselves if you agree marrying me. Kaiiiiiiiiiiiii marry you said? But you just requested for a kiss, can I just do that so we get out of here? It’s getting late. I needed the money badly so I fell into the cold hands of temptation I kissed her… In the process of the kiss, she touched somewhere Guess what happened.



She touched my nipple, immediately I lost my Senses. I couldn’t believe myself getting attached to her romantically. Could this be me I asked myself, some memories has started recovering. I pushed her and told her to stop, I couldn’t believe I engage myself in such act and even to a level of romance immediately I left her there and went home full of guilt. The following morning I sat on my bed and was asking myself series of questions, some thoughts keep flashing through. But that kiss was amazing, it seems like I touch the four corners of heaven, especially when she touched my nipple, I rebuke such thoughts immediately and told myself am a child of God and I promise I won’t engage in such act again, I begged for God’s mercy and I keep moving. I coincidentally met her one evening, she romantically called my name Jes….. You look cute, I said thank you…and was blushing she now invited me to a birthday party of her friend, she gave me the address and the time and also transfer 1k for me to use for transportation to the venue, I appreciate her, before leaving she gave me a forehead peg and she left, my brain was calm and cool, I actually wanted more. 4 days after we met was the birthday, I handsomely dress and was waiting for the time to reach, the birthday started around 8:30pm, I arrived there around 9:15pm I was being offered a sit and was just watching everything happening there. Someone whispered my name behind when I turned, she was the one. You won’t believe what my eyes saw…



When I turned, she was the one. But right behind her was her friend, Miriam the birthday girl. Wow!!!!! What a pretty dark skin girl . My love for dark skin girls is rare. (LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT) I stared at Miriam for a while, Annabelle wasn’t ok with the way I looked at Miriam. She said Jes what’s the meaning of this, I said nothing, but deep inside of me am crushing on Miriam, Annabelle didn’t get my attention at the birthday party because all my attention was on Miriam, she’s such a pretty dark skin girl with a nice dimple. The party was almost coming to an end and it was time for introduction of boyfriend and girlfriend. Annabelle introduced me as her boyfriend, immediately I stood up I walked towards the door because I wasn’t ok with her introducing me as her boyfriend, I can’t remember asking her out, when i was about opening the door, I heard my name Jes….. With a soft voice, when I turned, it was Miriam. She ran an met me and asked why I was leaving, i told her my reason, she replied but you kissed Annabelle the other day, if she’s not your girlfriend why did you kissed her, I realize Annabelle told her everything. I told her I did that because I needed the money, she smiled and said you mean if I also give you money you will also kiss me, I told her I don’t know, but deep within me I will do it even without the money, she’s just my kind of girl, I never knew Miriam was also crushing on me, she saw my pictures on Annabelle’s phone and Annabelle told her a lot about me. What a WAR.



I told Miriam, am sorry I can’t stay any longer, I have a lot of thing to do, hmmmm Mr. busy!, Miriam exclaimed. Before leaving I asked her if I could have her number so we can talk or meet some other time, we exchanged contact. I was majestically walking out, Miriam called me again, Jes….. can I hug you she asked, I said why not, she smiled and hug me for like five minute. You won’t just believe what I was feeling deep inside, I even wanted some more. After the hug, I just left without even saying a word to Annabelle because I was still angry with her. Before reaching home, I received a text Jes I love you, I just ignore the text thinking it was Annabelle, around 10pm that day I called the number that sent the text to confirm, to my greatest surprise it was Miriam, When I called, I heard a soft voice, my crush. Sorry who am I speaking with, Jes its Miriam she replied. Wow! How are you doing? We exchanged pleasantry. Miriam is a 300L student in University of Abuja and she will be going back to school the next day, she ask if I can follow her to Abuja so we can spend the weekend together, without hesitation I said yes. I didn’t tell anyone I was going to Abuja. I was just behaving like a goat, this is a girl I barely know and I didn’t even ask her out, but the good thing is I was planning to. We arrived Abuja on Friday evening by 7pm; she took me to her house. We both took our bath, after then Miriam moved closer to me and held my hands, she draw me closer and kissed me in my ear, immediately I lost my senses, I didn’t know what happened again, I just know we kissed for like 1hour. After the kiss hmmmm………



After the kiss, Miriam look into my eyes for like 5 minutes. Is it going to be possible for us dating Miriam asked. I told her why not, she said but you didn’t even ask me out, I smiled and I told her Miriam since the first day I set my eyes on you, I fell in love with you and I can’t help myself. she smiled and said I love you too… Please be my girlfriend, she said yes… But Jes how about Annabelle, I told her not to worry about Annabelle. I can handle every situation.

That weekend was one of the memorable weekend of my life I enjoyed the weekend. I never knew Miriam was having a boyfriend who is a soldier. What!!! I saw the pictures they snapped while scrolling the photo gallery on her iPhone. I asked her about him she told me she ended the relationship because of his rude behaviours. I said ok, but deep down within me I was scared, before leaving the house on Monday morning there was a knock on the door I asked her if she was expecting anyone she said not at all. I went straight to the door to see who was knocking, Jesus!!! It was her soldier boyfriend. I was very scared and confused thinking he’s gonna harm me, but he didn’t even say a word. I was literally shivering, immediately Miriam stepped out of the room. The soldier boy went on his knees begging Miriam, why are you doing this to me he asked. I majestically walked inside the room. Miriam called me out and introduce me to him as her boyfriend I didn’t say a word. Will this be the end of my life I keep asking myself in my thoughts. The Soldier boy angrily left, I asked Miriam if he’s not gonna harm me, she said I shouldn’t worry about that he is not going to do anything, I said ok. Before leaving, I promise to come see her every weekend, Miriam smiled and gave me 5k for transportation, i appreciated her and gave her a warm hug with a soft kiss and I left back to Akwanga. Love made me so stupid I never cared to know more about Miriam. While in the car I was just smiling and thinking about the Weekend shared. Annabelle’s call entered I picked, she told me she was coming to see me that Monday by evening I told her I’ll be home after Youth Fellowship something happened that evening.

Annabelle!!!!! Guess What Happened



After the fellowship I called Annabelle and told her I was home, few minutes later I heard a knock on my door, it was Annabelle. Good evening she greeted, I asked her, how are you doing, she said she’s fine. As usual I was lying on my bed pressing my phone. Annabelle asked me to know what she did to me that I hate her, I told her I don’t hate you. She told me if I don’t hate her why am I doing this to her, she said is it wrong to love you Jes? I told her it’s not wrong to love me but obviously you are loving the wrong person. While the conversation was still on, Miriam send me a text. Hello handsome, can you come online now? Immediately I login what’sapp and started chatting with Miriam, I wasn’t giving Annabelle the deserved attention. Annabelle snatched the phone from me angrily. I smiled and told her I was sorry for not giving her my attention, Annabelle came close to me and said, Jes what did Miriam have that I don’t have. Sincerely Annabelle is a very beautiful girl, as in she’s a complete in one girl, she has all the curves a man will ever desire to have in a woman. But even I myself don’t know why I don’t really love her, but I don’t hate her. Annabelle looked straight into my eyes Meehhnn I saw something beyond my control. She pushed me to the bed, and kissed me. I don’t know what was happening, but I was also kissing her too. Kaiiiii that girl can so kiss. It seems as if I lost my memory, the kiss and romance lasted for like 15mins. In the process of the kiss, Miriam’s call entered, she wasn’t getting my replies on whatsapp. I mistakenly picked the call, Annabelle didn’t stopped kissing me. My God Miriam was listening to everything going on in the background, she didn’t cut the call. When I realized that I picked Miriam’s call, I shouted Jesus When Miriam notice I knew she was listening to what was happening in the background, she cut the call immediately, as at that time, Annabelle was almost naked, she was really horny. But I wasn’t ready to do anything further. My sense started coming back, I pushed her and told her let’s stop. She dressed up and left without saying a word. Hmmmmm I was just thinking and imagining how to start explaining things to Miriam. While thinking through, Miriam called again… I was so scared to pick up, but finally did. Miriam called my name, Jes did I just heard a Ladies voice in your room?….. and she cut the call. Hmmmmm Wahala…



After the whole thing happened I tried calling Miriam but she wasn’t picking, I sent text messages severally, she wasn’t replying. It wasn’t easy for me throughout the week. Annabelle keeps calling me everyday but I wasn’t picking either, she texted me more than twenty times, but I didn’t reply. Miriam thoughts was all over my mind and I wasn’t ready to talk to anybody not even her. I was just praying and hoping the week runs faster so I could go to Abuja for the weekend. I really need to apologize to Miriam because I love her so much. Finally it’s Friday, I dressed up heading to Abuja. I still try Miriam’s number but she wasn’t picking. I arrived Abuja around 8pm, Miriam’s door was closed, I thought she might be sleeping, I knocked severally but there was no respond. I finally concluded she went out of the house, the last time I came to Abuja she gave me her spare key. I used the key in opening the door you won’t believe what I saw . I saw Miriam with a guy lying down naked and drunk. What!!!! I shouted, Miriam what’s the meaning this? She couldn’t say a word, obviously she was drunk, while talking. Her ex-boyfriend (the soldier guy) moved in and saw her naked as well. Miriam!!!! he shouted, so this is what you’ve been doing. I didn’t say a word, I was literally shivering, the soldier guy got angry and slapped her, immediately the guy who was with her, was trying to escape, the soldier guy stopped him and beat him up. You won’t believe Annabelle followed me to Abuja, I don’t even know who told her I was coming to Abuja. When the soldier guy was coming to beat me, Annabelle walked in and shouted Alfred stop and he stopped at once. So she knows him, I was just thinking . The soldier guy greeted Annabelle and angrily left, he respects her so much because of her father  Wow!!! Annabelle saved me.

What brought you here Annabelle, I asked her. I followed you she replied, but how did you know I came to Abuja, she said I shouldn’t mind asking further questions. She didn’t greet Miriam and Miriam is her best friend.  There’s a problem somewhere. Annabelle asked if I will still sleep at Miriam’s place with the whole thing that happened, I said no. But where will I sleep, I don’t even have enough money to sleep in a hotel . Annabelle ask me to follow her so we can get a hotel and sleep just for the night. I have no option than to follow her, but my major concern was her usual drama, she has uncontrolled lust for me. And this time around am gonna pass the night in the same room with her  I kept thinking. We left Miriam crying  with her naked guy, he face was swollen. I was very angry and disappointed at Miriam but deep down I was ready to forgive her, I just so love Miriam. We left to the hotel, it was 11:35 pm.

Annabelle so you book a room before coming here, she smiled and said yes. Hmmmm am just thinking through, is this a movie or something, I kept on thinking. Annabelle was very happy, it’s obvious she got what she wanted. That night Annabelle start her usual drama, she came out of the bathroom naked, Kaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii





  1. legent

    September 28, 2021 at 7:43 am

    uncle jes where i fit get girl weh i go kiss and she go gemme 5k lol……..

  2. Temple

    September 6, 2021 at 10:20 am

    nice story. but let it be real

  3. Justice creed

    September 5, 2021 at 12:52 pm

    Wow nice story

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