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Some of the contestants and the winning Queens of Miss Nasarawa 2021 seems to be disappointed with Tomorrow’s Youth Ambassador (TYS) and as such expresses their disappointed with the organizers.

Read their piece of merchandise written by Godwin Zaki as their representative.

The Miss Nasarawa is a pageantry event that was organized by the Tomorrow’s Youth Ambassador (TYA) Founded and headed by Mr. Precious Bashayi.

The 2021 event was supposed to hold on 26th December 2021 but was later postponed to 30th December 2021 for reasons best known to them.

The names of the contestants are:

1. Millicent Dangana

2. Kpanja Joy

3. Zina Kosi

4. Gift Nwano

5. Kasimu Finye Ruth

6. Amina Ibrahim

7. Tiffany Favour

8. Faith Nelly Abimiku

9. Monalisa David

10. Grace David

11. Dorcas Illiya

12. Vivian Daniel

13. Nghargbu Kunkwele Grace

14. Grace Obadiah

15. Zubair Ozavize Zainab

16. Augustina Meveh Samuel

17. Hadiza Idowu

18. Ruth Mallet

19. Awooson Agyomesa

The form was purchased for ₦5,000 by each contestant and a camp fee of ₦15,000 was paid by those who made it to the camp.

Prizes to winners as originally announced by the organizers are as follows:

1. Miss Nasarawa – Winner — A Car, wardrobe allowance, and a sponsored trip..

2. Miss Culture & Tourism Nasarawa  – 1st Runner – Laptop and Wardrobe Allowance

3. Miss Peace and Unity Nasarawa  – 2nd Runner – washing Machine kits for Entrepreneurship

4. Miss Nasarawa North – 3rd Runner – 32” LED TV

5. Miss Nasarawa South – 4th Runner – 32” LED TV

6. Miss Nasarawa West – 5th Runner – 32” LED TV

The Tickets were in these categories:

Regular ₦1,000

VIP  – ₦5,000

VVIP  – ₦10,000

Table for 5 – ₦30,000

Table for 10   – ₦50,000

Criteria for winning are:

Votes 25%

Traditional attire 25%

Cat working and questions 10%

Tickets sales 20%

Attitude in camp 20%

On the night of the event an official of the Miss Nassarawa pageant told the contestants that the winner will emerge based on the amount realized from sales of tickets by them. i.e. the one with the highest amount will be the winner and it eventually turns out to be so and all other criteria for winning were redundant. 

This is the result of the contest as announced by the organizers with attached tickets sales base on our findings:

1. The announced winner of the Miss Nasarawa was Faith Nelly Abimiku with ticket sales of ₦106,000

2. 1st Runner – Miss Culture & Tourism Nasarawa was Augustina Meveh Samuel with ticket sales of  ₦100,000

3. 2nd Runner – Miss Peace and Unity Nasarawa was Zina Kosi with ticket sales of ₦40,000 but later step down from  the position, and it was given to Awosoon with ticket sales of  ₦11,000

4. 3rd Runner – Miss Nasarawa South was Kpanja Joy with ticket sales of ₦30,000

5. 4th Runner – Miss Nasarawa South Millicent Dangana her tickets sales of ₦3,000

6. 5th Runner – Miss Nasarawa West was Ruth with ticket sales of ₦10,000.

Even with the changes on winning criteria which is highly unethical and unprofessional, three months after the event, the contestants were not reached out on any update nor were the winners offered the tagged prizes let alone promises that were later made by the organisers and other dignitaries.

There’s a strong bridge of communication between Mr. Precious and his team and the contestants (except for the alleged winner). After the event no form of either formal or informal communication with the contestants till this very moment.

This was an event that was supported by the state government in different capacities, during the camp the contestants were taken to various government offices soliciting support raging from the office of the Deputy governor’s office, the First lady’s office to the Ministry of information, culture, and tourism and Ministry of works.

Mr. Precious Bashayi and the management team of Miss Nasarawa Beauty Pageant, if you didn’t fulfill your mandate then this pageantry show is fake, full of cheats and deceit just to embezzle public funds, against this backdrop the event should discontinue in order not to embezzle public funds again, this is not what the Nasarawa State people represent we strongly invite the Nasarawa state government and the relevant authorities to take action on this regard.





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